A black virgin and child among the white Germans, Swiss, French, and Italians!!! Certainly some people really are just pedantic and even you found the depiction of Zeus a bit confusing. And I don’t see any pressure on Bollywood to increase their use of white or non-Indian actors. If the author had wished to invent a circumstance to corroborate the assertion, that the Romish Christ of Europe is the Cristna of India, how could he have desired any thing more striking than the fact of the black Virgin and Child being so common in the Romish countries of Europe? Parasitic mold that controls cicadas mind and forces them to infect other insects, God ordered Moses to make an “ark of chittim wood”, The Relationship Between the Reality of the World and the Reality of Consciousness, Art From Another Dimension – Brendon Flynn, Teratoma Tumor: The demonic mass that grows teeth, eyes, feet, and organs, Entered Apprentice, or First Degree | Chapter 1, Uniting the Divine Feminine and Masculine in Holy Gnostic Matrimony, The Kalash People: The Lost Blonde Hair and Blue Eye Tribe of Alexander the Great in Pakistan, Crete: The Land of Milk and Honey in Canaan, Reporter confronts preacher Kenneth Copeland about calling people demons. Memnon’s mother Eos, however, loved Memnon so much that she begged Zeus to bring him back to life and make him an immortal god. Yes there is! Gods are created in the image of those that construct them. Gods was the ones who forged life. Unfortunately, in many cases, these features are exaggerated in what we would consider a racist manner. Everyone is all upset about Zeus and Achilles being black, but no one is upset about any of the show’s other deviations from traditional iconography. The portrait head in the Berlin Antikensammlung does not depict the mythical Aithiopian king Memnon, but it does depict Herodes Atticus’s adoptive son and protégé, who was named “Memnon” after the mythical Aithiopian king. Which is the push for diversity in casting really only seems to work one way. And that idea really makes a lot of people angry because there are, unfortunately, lots of people who do not think black people should be part of the western story. A black virgin and child among the white Germans, Swiss, French, and Italians!!! I agree that the depiction of Zeus is an even further affront to the established imagery (in the first episode, I thought he was Hades). Pretty much the only things that are agreed upon across portrayals are that he is young, clean-shaven, handsome, and muscular. This portrayal has triggered a lot of people, who are angry that Achilles is not portrayed as a white man with blond hair. Honestly, apart from the obvious changes to characters’ appearances, Troy: Fall of a City was actually in many ways more faithful to the original myths than most other modern adaptations of the story of the Trojan War. If the producers of Troy: Fall of a City had portrayed Achilles as a white man with a huge green afro wig, a handlebar mustache, a two-foot-long, bright blue beard, a modern Kevlar vest instead of armor, and an AK-47 instead of a spear, I bet most people would have just shrugged it off and said “You know what, it’s creative license.”. The black characters Troy: Fall of a City left out. Orpheus falls in love with a young Eurydice, who is on the run from death. I suspect if Achilles was played by a white actor with dark hair it wouldn’t be controversial, partly because people wouldn’t know it. Yet I think, with respect to their humanity, the agreement continues. Fleeing from the god she cried out to Athene for help and was transformed into a crow (koronis). Other than the name, what is there to tell me this guy is supposed to be Zeus? In any case, this still proves my point that myths can change and that the iconography of mythical figures can change as well. Many people attacked the … Continue reading "Were Achilles and Zeus Black in Greek Mythology?" Even to this day some women are still more powerful than men. By: ... ” Throughout the Greek legends, an Africoid or dark-skinned people are associated with Danaus and the Danaids. Do you answer the question in the headline? Her beauty doomed her as she was pursued by Poseidon. Many people attacked the series, accusing it of “blackwashing.”. ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of an early fourth-century BC Attic polychromatic terra-cotta vessel depicting the birth of Aphrodite, showing her with blond hair, ABOVE: Mural depicting the birth of Aphrodite from the Case di Venus in the Roman city of Pompeii, dating to the first century AD, showing her with black hair, To be clear, I am not saying that I have a problem with Aphrodite being a redhead in the show; I don’t really have a problem with it—just like I don’t really have a problem with Achilles being portrayed as black. Even if you know nothing about Greek mythology, you probably know that Zeus looks like this: ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of an ancient Greek marble statue of Zeus wielding his thunderbolt from the city of Smyrna in Asia Minor, dating to roughly the third century AD, ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of the Otricoli Zeus, a Roman marble head of Zeus on display in the Pio-Clementine Vatican Museum, ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of an ancient Roman marble colossal head of Zeus from the British Museum, ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of a gold slater of Zeus from Lampsakos dating to c. 360 – c. 340 BC, ABOVE: Photograph from Wikimedia Commons of a Roman bronze and marble sculpture of Zeus enthroned with an eagle by his side, probably based on the earlier Greek Statue of Zeus at Olympia by Pheidias, ABOVE: Minerva and the Triumph of Jupiter, painted in 1706 by the French Neoclassical painter René-Antoine Houasse, ABOVE: Modern portrayal of Zeus I found on Google Images. A website and podcast that explores the hidden mysteries of human existence, consciousness, religion, and the very secret societies who operate their lights from within the shadows. When the circumstance has been named to the Romish priests, they have endeavoured to disguise the fact, by pretending that the child had become black by the smoke of the candles; but it was black where the smoke of a candle never came: and, besides, how came the candles not to blacken the white of the eyes, the teeth, and the shirt, and how came they to redden the lips? I think I need say no more in answer to Mr. Maurice’s shouts of triumph over those whom he insultingly calls impious infidels, respecting the name of Cristna having the meaning of black. Because of this, the ancient Greeks said their skin was burnt black by the heat of the sun. I am obsessed with the ancient world and I write about it constantly. Pure water is also described as black. I think that the reason of the depiction of Achilles is controversial and Aphrodite as are did not is not hypocriticasy. It’s the principality of the whole thing. 14. "Creating our own mythology is very important because it helps dream. Most people “know” that Achillies is white and not black. But, after all, what was he but their Jupiter, the second person of their Trimurti or Trinity, the Logos of Parmenides and Plato, an incarnation or emanation of the solar power? The reader has already seen the striking marks of similarity in the history of Cristna and the stories related of Jesus in the Romish and heretical books.

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