R&B is a genre of smooth pop music that is entirely centered on the vocalist’s smooth voice and stunning vibrato. Whatever your favorites might be, this list is the ultimate R&B soundtrack. If you have a song that should be on our list, be sure to share it in the comments. A Comprehensive List of Wedding Songs! If you want to get folks on the dance floor, these are sure to do it. Be ready to party with our list of the 150 best R&B Wedding Songs. Congrats on your wedding and glad we could help! Those lyrics, girl. The roots of R&B in Soul is apparent not just in the beats and bass lines, but in the emotion expressed. I have some more suggestions for you to add to the list. Glad we were able to be a source for you. R&B Wedding Songs. Your wedding reception is going to be epic. It reminds me of that great scene in Witness with Harrison Fod. My Wedding Songs is a reader-supported website. Oh, don’t forget the Sisters of Soul starting with the Queen: Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys. Who sang you and I written by stevie wonder in the 1970s, You and I (We Can Conquer the World) was written and sung by Stevie Wonder, There were other versions of the song. You know it’s you, girl. I mean, if you want to play ABBA be our guest. I’d definitely replace Stand By Me with Wonderful World by Sam Cooke. As you know, there are so many great R&B songs perfect for weddings from the walk down the aisle to the dance party to the bouquet toss. Great suggestion. The best R&B wedding songs are heartfelt, highly lyrical and with depth. Porterhouse Los Angeles. And while the parents of the bride may feel moved to dance when Anita Baker or Luther Vandross comes on, your bridal party might rush the dance floor for Beyonce or Frank Ocean. As you know, there are so many great R&B songs perfect for weddings from the walk down the aisle to the dance party to the bouquet toss. Totally Awesome List! Real love. Thank you for compiling. Whether it’s to soundtrack the ceremony, the reception or the first dance of the evening, uDiscover raise a glass to newly-weds the world over with the 15 Top Wedding Songs. Your friends are getting the chill vibe, the love vibe. Awesome D.D. Leah Rose is a professional DJ, podcast producer and music journalist whose work has appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Teen People and XXL Magazine. Yes. If you’re looking to make a fat wedding playlist of r&b wedding songs, we’ve got quite the collection. Originally soul and rock & roll were an offshoot of R&B. There are some recent songs I hadn’t heard of that I will be checking out as well. Listen to our R&B wedding songs playlist on Spotify. Thank you Jasmine. Thanks for the feedback. From slow to fast, R&B to country, and everything in between, we rounded up the 75 most romantic wedding songs of all time. Wedding Songs - Time-Life Body & Soul Collection 2-cd set. You’re finally planning your wedding. Every wedding should have at least a few of these classic R&B tunes. Celebrating our 50th Anniversary in May 2015. Is it too much? Natalie Cole. Now, R&B also includes funk, hip-hop, rap, and soul. Most perfect! “Can’t Get Enough of You” – Mary J. Blige As an Amazon Associate, we earn revenue from qualifying purchases. Can you please remove R.Kelly from the list? Thank you, Winnie, for stopping by. Heartfelt lyrics pervade each song and will have your wedding guests feeling the love as you walk towards your partner. The best way to bring heart and soul to any wedding reception is through a carefully curated playlist of R&B favorites. We will add it to the list. Make sure all of your guests have something to sing along to by selecting songs from artists throughout the years. Awesome Paulette. 01 of 75 "Endless Love," by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie . Thanks, Donald. We will consider adding them on our next update. R&B Garter Toss songs; R&B First Dance songs; R&B Father-Daughter dance songs; 150 Best R&B Songs For Your Wedding Reception.

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