If you’re seriously considering purchasing this, My only recommendation would be to save up a little more money and get the traction loss. This is great! This kit will upgrade your existing DOF Reality H2 Consumer Motion simulator platform to H3 (3 DOF) Pitch + Roll + Yaw/Rear Traction. Our motion simulator platforms are VR compatible with Oculus Rift/Gear, HTC Vive and all future products. Anyway I’m happier now as the DOF Reality guys paid for me to return my motors and they came back working much more smoothly. the motors and running is quiet. The M2 weighs about 19 pounds. One year ago (i see now ?) and your after-sales service is great. When we needed to contact a vendor of ours for support we generally figured out the problem ourselves because the amount of time it took for them to answer was not acceptable. Here is how M2 for PlaySeat works https://youtu.be/YQcIj958iIQ. I still made some mistakes and ended up with a heavy but under-powered rig with a little too much play in the levers. I have the 3dof version and the htc vive, and the experience is great. a DIY build was due to lack of time, tools and knowledge not an option for me. Yours When I placed the order, DOF Reality emailed me that it would take about three weeks for it to be produced and delivered, and that is exactly how long it took. This kit will upgrade your existing DOF Reality P2 Professional Motion simulator platform to P3 (3 DOF) Pitch + Roll + Yaw/Rear Traction. I’ve never seen so much tape styrofoam and bubble wrap, but it was well worth it as every part was received as if new! HELL YES in VR it gives a level of emersion which is a must have. DOF Reality Motion Simulators are groundbreaking products taking racing and flight simulation to a new level. They were fairly easy to follow. DOF Reality makes it real easy to get the M2 up and running. A solid pair of of motion platform motors and decent Potentiometers that seem really solid. I am currently at the beginning stages of fine tuning the simulator and its motions, and I can already see the robustness of your setup. All of the bolts and nuts are in labeled packages. Very happy with the packaging, excellent build quality and engineering and very good product at a good price. When everything its setup correctly, it will not push you with enough force to put your face into the steering wheel, but you will feel that you are braking. I am really enjoying your product and your support is top notch! I bought the Pro kit  shipped to US. First off I want to tell you that I’m very happy with the product, it delivers feedback about what I was expecting and even more. You guys do an amazing job packing all of the parts! And their software can be really wonky because it is proprietary. P3 is professional Motion simulator platform for public entertainment, VR and Arcade Centers delivering three dimensional movements (Pitch + Roll + Yaw/Rear traction). While with the DOF Reality P3 motion simulator I feel well after 15 Minutes. I purchased the DOF Reality H3 Motion platform because I was looking for a motion simulator that I could use for flight simulation and car racing simulation. My challenge now is to find software settings that provide movements that best compliment running iRacing, the only sim I use. This unique platform is capable to reproduce any possible motion! Small, … The SimTools, were simple and easy to understand once you actually got your head round what was happening. I did a few laps at Mugello with Assetto Corsa in a McLaren 570s and had a blast! There is no other product on the market under $15,000 that can do what our platform does. One of your units is used by the pilot competing in karting worldwide. I ended up about 2 inches higher than my seat was previously. Mine arrived well finished with just the odd scuff mark, probably due to heavy metal parts rubbing together during shipping. The motion is fantastic. one with oculus rift and in case seasick 3 24″ benqs. mounted to the motion platform. The rest of platform parts are the same . When you move, everything moves! So I spent some nights reading through this forum and all the different topics that can and need to be considered. When I came across DOF Reality I dropped them an email and from the very start they were incredibly responsive and helpful. DofReality provided links to all the software needed including all the plugins for chosen sims.

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