Calvin: The duplicator worked! They climbed through the fence and then disappeared over the hill into the pastels of late afternoon sunshine and oak trees. As the first appearance of this legendary comic strip shows, Calvin sets a trap for a tiger using a tuna sandwich because “tigers will do ANYTHING for a tuna fish sandwich.”Sure enough, hanging by one foot and munching on the sandwich, Calvin’s freshly caught tiger confirms this, “We’re kind of stupid that way.” Below is another fan imagined ending of Calvin and Hobbes written and drawn by Raging Pencils (Formerly the Far Left Side)… Be warned it is a tear jerker…. Few comic strips have conjured up the lasting fan fervour that Calvin and Hobbes did, and continues to. Spooky Abigail: Not Quite The Worst Witch, Cuddly Defender Comic: Out Of The Attic One, Cuddly Defender Comic: Out Of The Attic Two, The Tether Saga – The Battle For Our Reality Begins In Baltimore, Drawing Outside Your Comfort Zone – Never Give In. Then his eyes widened and with excitement in his voice he said, “I think… it was a rocket, maybe space aliens, maybe they have purple tentacles, maybe they are dangerous and trying to take over!”, A wicked grin spread over Francis’ face and he asked in a low voice, “Do you think they left any evidence?”, Hobbes said, “There’s only one way to find out…”, Francis turned towards the great unknown beyond the back yard and replied, “Let’s go exploring!”, They crawled through the fence and ran past the rope swing and disappeared over the hill, and then Hobbes’ voice floated back through a dancing swirl of leaves and twigs picked up by a random late summer breeze, “Did you bring the tuna fish sandwich?”. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Attic 193 6 3. by genre_boss. In a moment it was over. Photos and directions. by genre_boss Follow. Purple tentacles covered with dangerous suckers forced him to crash land in a gray cloud of dust on the asteroid’s surface. He’s just a little guy… like I was, he needs you, and, he's stuck in a tree.” Hobbes sat on the bedside and brushed a bit of hair, still blonde, from Calvin’s forehead and said, “You still need me too, ol’ buddy.”, Calvin smiled and after a moment said, “Thanks, you know, for everything. This very last cartoon strip marked the end of stellar eight year run that started in April 1987. Fans of the work stepped up, with web cartoonists Pants Are Overrated doing a fine job with the limited Hobbes And Bacon strips they produced – featuring a much older Calvin, his wife Susie and their daughter Bacon who is introduced to Hobbes. Einstein said that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so where does that leave us?”, Hobbes said, “Maybe death is just another adventure. Such is the influence Calvin and Hobbes had on me I was inspired to draw my own limited run cartoon called Unconditional Hugs, about a Teddy Bear and his Boy, and while I have a long way to go to perfect my storytelling skills in a four panel format, it was an education and a joy to explore this story telling format. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Francis eyed Hobbes suspiciously and said, “You devour people?” Hobbes nonchalantly examined his claws, blew a bit of dust off, and replied, “Oh, all the time, but they never taste good…” At that point Calvin said, “Francis, take Hobbes outside before he can’t control himself.” Francis said, “OK Grandpa Calvin,” and went outside with Hobbes in tow.

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