Post a comment Cancel reply. But they do. Yes, this earth will be destroyed, but not because the polar ice caps melt and it gets flooded. You can’t get God off the hook. Why does God allow evil and suffering in the world? Don't be mistaken. It’s the story of the great flu epidemic that hit the United States in the teen years, 1918. The Bible doesn’t address the particular situation of each person. On what were its bases sunk? Would you agree with point one? What was the population of the earth when the Flood came? He is governing history in every minute detail. Have you ever caused the dawn to know its place? The Rev. Now, there are several ways to break down evil. You have evil on a human level, moral evil. In other words, they think God is less righteous than He is, and they are more righteous than they are, and so they can earn acceptance with God. But there’s no mystery about the purpose you had to demonstrate – demonstrate Your righteousness, demonstrate Your love, demonstrate Your wrath, demonstrate Your mercy. Now that leads us to the question, Why? Suffering is a total mystery,” instead of saying, “No. “God, from all eternity, did by the most wise and holy counsel of his own will, freely and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass” – yet, so - “as thereby, neither is God the author of sin nor is violence offered to the will of the creatures. We worship you Lord, with thanksgiving. Simple question. One hundred million people. So, while liberal theology and assorted other so-called evangelicals feel desperately the need to rescue God from this perception, God is quite content to make it clear that He is, in fact, unhesitatingly sovereign over everything that exists, without a hint of reluctance. Nonetheless, God has limited power. How about the Westminster Confession? Our unrighteousness – our sin, our falleness, our inequity, our corruption, our wretchedness - puts the righteousness of God on display. So, comes to a third point. And so, they surfaced in a way that we don't have any record of in biblical history during the life and ministry of Jesus. They don't understand that Christ is the end of the law for righteousness. Really? Nor is the liberty or contingency of second-hand causes taken away. Who cleft a channel for the flood and a way for the thunderbolt? And so, when he got done, I spent an hour telling him about the gospel; so it was a good opportunity. They believe they become gods. That doesn’t help. You can’t stop asking the question at Satan, and you can’t stop asking the question at man, even Adam and Eve. Either He doesn’t have the power to stop it, and so God is in a very difficult position like everybody else. They become short of breath, and they go into a rapid heart rate. Amen. The panic attack hits them because they just can’t let God be held responsible for evil, and they want to save God from a fate worse than death - being responsible for the existence of evil in the world. It’s not a stretch. You need to understand this. I don't really think He was in the garden keeping His fingers crossed, hoping for the best from Adam and Eve. A person who can feel pain puts their hand into near boiling water and pulls it out because of the pain. It isn’t created by God, they would like to say. And there’s actually some truth in that. You understand that. Who laid its cornerstone? Job 23:13, “He is in one mind, and who can turn Him? The biblical God is holy. Job 38. That’s why Christ died on the cross. God, the newly-designed God, has a huge limitation. Kill a deer, and drill for oil. Again, you would still have to answer the question as to why, if God knew they would have free will and make stupid choices, he made them capable of doing that? And that’s the ultimate blasphemy. And in 24 months, the best estimates are 100,000,000 people died on this planet. Unfortunately, that entire concept was revealed in Isaiah 53 in explicit detail. Why does God allow suffering? But there is an answer in the Bible with which we will score a touchdown. This article is also available and sold as a booklet. You think that’s a pretty lay concept? They were bleeding people. They have to pull Him down at some point, and you really only have two options. It is a fact of privation. And certainly, there are scriptures - I don't want to belabor the point - but just to give you one to think about in Isaiah 45 verse 5. And they simply say this. There is natural evil in the world. If you are somehow stuck in Christian Science, which is like Grapenuts. Clearly suffering was brought into the world as a result of sin. This kind of thinking is for people who think they're poached eggs. I am the Lord who does all these.”, Or verse 9, “Woe to the one who quarrels with his Maker! As long as you limit His sovereign power or His sovereign knowledge. Texts: Habakkuk 1:1-3; Luke 13:1-9 You can be thankful you're living on this end of man subduing the earth. Aren't even dealing with reality. The suffering of Jesus brought salvation to humankind. Listen to some things from Romans, and turn to Romans 9, if you will. Guest. And the more stuff that goes on, the more information He gets, the better He becomes at dealing with it. You got it. We praise Him because of what He has done to overcome evil. If you grew up in medieval England, or if you were living in a tribe with a chief, or if you grew up in a totalitarian dictatorship, you wouldn't be wrestling quite as much with human rights. If you know the divine playbook, then you know there’s a perfect play design, not just to get us temporary escape or get us the first down or get us in field goal range. A very dangerous place. And when we go through suffering, how should we respond so that we prevail? But for now, evil is not just present in our world. This is a question that I will tell you, on a personal level, is the single question that my friend, Larry King, always goes back to as – Oh, you didn't know about that friendship? And it’s inhabited by people who are evil to the core, morally. The argument that God cannot exist because if He did there would be no pain and suffering, is a faulty argument, which does not take into account the free will of people, the mortal nature of humans, the need for natural laws (including the concept of cause and effect) and the life to come. But that’s his view. They're evil spirits. Evil exists. The trials we face now, have the ability to strengthen us. In John 15:1-8, Jesus borrows a word picture from the plant kingdom. A virus isn’t like a bacteria. They go about to establish their own righteousness. That’s an interesting concept. And it’s not one of the inadequate short answers like, “Well, God’s not responsible. A syllogism might go a little bit like this. The American experiment doesn’t really help our theology at this point. Free will trumps evil on God’s value scale. He is powerless to stop it. Please respond to confirm your registration. Conscience There’s an order in the demonic world. He’s not asking to be rescued from bad press that’s fallen upon Him because He’s been blamed for all the bad things that are in the world. “All the thoughts of the heart are only evil continually.” Man is driven by lusts that produce sin and death. It’s an idol. “Why Does a Merciful and Loving God Allow Suffering?” The Case for Faith Series Job 1:6-22 (quotes taken from the NKJV unless noted) Wakelee Church ~ March 6, 2005 Theme: God doesn’t cause suffering. It is one of the most thoroughly-researched books of any subject I've ever read in my entire life, and once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. Now, let me give you a little sequence of things, and we're going to be a little bit theological, but this is a theological issue before us.

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