ELISA tests are suitable for testing individual plants for all of the important viruses, but composites exceeding 5–10 plants are useful only for PVX in lots where a low incidence of virus infection is expected. Certification services are available for field crops, turf grasses, vegetables, fruits, vegetatively propagated species, woody plants and forbs. At its simplest, the system certifies that a sack, packet or box of seed contains what it says on the label and that the seed was produced, inspected and graded, in accordance with the requirements of a Certification Scheme. A country-by-country summary of the geographical distribution of viroids in the Americas is presented in Table 43.1. Although the impact on individual growers may be severe, the yearly number of registered outbreaks is very low. H.J.S. Serious outbreaks affecting both commercial production and potato breeding material were reported in several parts of the world over the next several decades. Looking for crop inspection reports? At its simplest, the system certifies that a sack, packet or box of seed contains what it says on the label and that the seed was produced, inspected and graded, in accordance with the requirements of a Certification Scheme. The use of a panel of monoclonals to simultaneously detect and strain-type PVY (PVYO and PVYN) has been suggested as another approach (McDonald et al., 1994). At times, the farmer might lose up to 80% of the crop toward harvest time. As a member of the EU, Ireland is obliged to implement the EU Seeds Directives and Regulations. 8.7). TPMVd has only been found in Mexico (Belalcazar and Galindo, 1974). Verhoeven, in, ). Grain samples containing more than 1% ergot can cause serious illness, and sometimes death, due to the presence of poisonous alkaloids. These infections have little or no effect on crop production but may indirectly affect the grower’s income by restricting export opportunities due to existing phytosanitary measures. L,Purposeof Seed Certification. Beginning in the 1980s, extensive testing and, NJAS - Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences, Preparing a policy for seed certification, Recognized nodal agency for formulating legislation on aquatic animal health certification and quarantine, National Certification Committee on Aquatic Wild and Bred Varieties (NCCA-WBV), Certification of genetically improved varieties, Certifies the hatchery management and production process, food safety, and traceability, Certifies and distributes improved tilapia strains, Guidelines and codes developed on aquaculture farm standardization, Chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle viroid (CChMVd), Grapevine yellow speckle viroids 1, 2 (GYSVd-1, -2), Iresine viroid (IrVd) Mexican papita viroid (MPVd). CABI (CABI, 2015b; CABI/EPPO, 2012) lists PSTVd as present in Mexico but with no details as to distribution or hosts. Seasonal changes in relative percentages of monoterpenes in the volatile oil of mature leaves, buds, and young leaves of blue spruce: (A) 3-carene, α-pinene, and ß-pinene; (B) limonene and myrcene; (C) santene, tricyclene, camphene, and camphene hydrate; and (D) camphor, bornyl acetate, and borneol. Object of Seed Certification: 1) To ensure genetical identity of a variety. Seed certification maintains a pedigree on seed of a specific variety. Indian farmers need to be urgently educated on various aspects of ginger production, right from sowing to harvest and proper postharvest technology. This change will depend on test cost and availability as well as test specificity and sensitivity. The price was always above the break-even point, with the average of US 10 cents/kg for fresh ginger in the northeastern states, where fresh ginger is marketed, thus leading to profitable ginger farming. Seed certification is also designed to achieve prescribed standards. In addition to this abrupt fluctuation in price, the ginger crop is also highly susceptible to serious disease problems, leading to a reduction in rhizome yield, and an unmarketable production. The Mission of the Seed Certification Program is to create and make available a source of seeds and vegetative propagating materials of crops and plants grown, conditioned, certified and distributed to insure genetic purity and identity in relation to TDA standards. Since the importing countries, especially Japan, the United States, and EU countries are highly quality conscious, there is an imminent need to focus more on postharvest measures, where the end produce is free of all extraneous materials, including pesticide residue.

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