Gameplay and commentary from Power Drift on the 3DS handheld video games console. Sega has confirmed the second 3D Classics compendium for the 3DS, and the big news is that the seminal arcade racer Power Drift has made the cut.. Price: 10 platinum | Trading Volume: 211 | Get the best trading offers and prices for Power Drift It was originally part of the second SEGA 3D Classics Collection retail release (launched in December 2015 in Japan), the very one that North America got earlier this year, and that Europe gets tomorrow. Sega’s Power Drift is a go-kart racing game, and one of many arcade titles to use Sega’s Super Scaler technology to emulate 3D effects through the use of 2D sprites.Like many of these games, it was directed by Yu Suzuki, and it’s powered by the Sega Y Board, which also ran G-Loc, Galaxy Force and Rail Chase.What sets Power Drift apart from the pack is the way it uses those sprites. Yesterday, 3D Power Drift got a stand-alone release on the Nintendo eShop of the Nintendo 3DS, in Japan.

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