The sanded flat work is plagued by half moons and swirls in the sanded finish from the spinning disks. Click here for more information on this part, installation instructions and more. To find a belt specific to your model, visit your sander is showing any of these symptoms; replacing the clutch belt could solve your problem:1) Sander pad spinning too fast2) Pad damages work piece3) Pad doesn’t stop spinning when removed from work part number: 903373Tools used for this repair/replacement:1) Torx driverGet model-specific repair help from To where most guys refuse to use the Porter Cable sanders. We feel confident we can address any sand scratch issues. Not over the heavy mud. The main reasons for a sander not spinning are due to the problems in the bearing, the motor, or in the shaft. To where most guys refuse to use the Porter Cable sanders. You can unsubscribe at … Also, it has an even weight distribution, so you can control it much more easily and pass it evenly without straining yourself. Most yellow discs has holes to the edges, These can srcatch so you can get yellow discs with hole but none around the edges so they dont scratch as much. There has to be a method that works well most of the time. The "old porter cable pads" I remember were slightly turned down some years ago..I got my first one in 1996, but remember they were made with the outside edge curved away from the wall...something i still do to this day is take the grit off the outside edge about 1"...this make for a little buffer zone that does not dig in. Drywall sanders feature a dust collector and 120V operation. We have noticed that it works best to sand in arcs across the bands. Is it just an inferior product when you use a power sander? Porter Cable; Craftsman; Skil; iBell; So, if you face any of the problems mentioned above for those brands’ sanding tools, you can solve them with our guide. I will roll with 18" and wipe with 20" blade...always keeping a good speed, always keeping a wet edge..not much to sand after that. Porter Cable Drywall Sander You can find a wide range of power tool options from Porter Cable that generally offer a great experience because of the features offered by it. the softback screw on backing pad is the answer if not allready said, professor Gazman, Drywall Talk - Professional Drywall and Finishing Contractors Forum. True that when you roll and skim cletus, Just a pole or hand sand to finish, Works well dosnt it. 7 Best Drywall Sanders Reviews 1. Discontinued Discontinued $93.99. You can solve it by replacing these components. This drywall sander includes a 62” handle – long enough to reach 10’ ceilings without a ladder or scaffolding. #1. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We do a lot of level 5 finish work. We then use dry mops to remove the dust. This drywall sander is a little longer than 5 feet and weighs somewhere around 9 pounds. It has a 9” round capacity, 1,400-2,000 orbits per minute, and an amp rating of 3.4. Really need a ton of run time to master the PC. The preferred method of sanding is with Black Widow pole sanders and fine green sanding blocks for the detail work. We are using 220 grit Joest abrasives yellow sanding disks. Boasting 13 ft. of vacuum hose and a 62-in. Porter Cable 7800 TYPE 1 Drywall Sander Parts. 12 Best Drywall Sander Reviews 2020 with FAQ. Or are there any tricks that help them do a better job. Height Adjusters ... By signing up you agree to receive emails from PORTER-CABLE with news, special offers, promotions and other information. Its 8-7/8-in. PORTER-CABLE Factory Service provides fast, professional tool repair when you need it. Here are a few ways to solve this problem. A forum community dedicated to professional drywallers and enthusiasts. This durable sander also features hook-and-loop straps for easy handling or attachment to an external vacuum. reach, this sander is great for completing large spaces. 1- Porter-Cable 7800 4.7 Amp Drywall Sander [Editor Top Pick] If you want only the best drywall sander for your sanding projects, then look no further. Discontinued 1 Armature Obsolete - Not Available. Conclusion. $93.99 Part Number: 877753. Tackle drywall projects with help from the Drywall Sander. Additionally, we have added the Festool/Flex hole pattern to the Supergrit discs to maximize airflow of sanding dust and prevent loading. Also abronet fine mesh dics, Blunt those off on the board first then they sand a lot better, You can slow the sander right back and kinda just polish stuff up then but i think those porter cables have design faults. Not parallel to the bands and butts. We are using 220 grit Joest abrasives yellow sanding disks. A while back I bought a couple of Porter Cable disk sanders with Dewalt Hepa rated vacuum units. Questions & Answers Page A. sanding surface is designed to help you cover large swaths in a single pass for quick, efficient use. Fig # 1 Armature Obsolete - Not Available. They have sanded level 5 work for me and did a good job but even they go back over it with a light and pole sander. The sander from Porter-Cable has everything you want in an electric drywall sander. When i lvl 5 a wall or ceiling i will brush down the wall with sander, then do the entire skim of the wall. Click here for more information on this part, installation instructions and more.This particular belt is specific to Porter Cable manufactured brands. Our Drywall Sander gives you 4.7 Amps of sanding power in a lightweight, 8.5-pound unit. That makes good sense. If you have a power tool or appliance problem, we can help. The idea of sanding the wall has its root back in China. 7 Best Drywall Sanders Reviews 1. If that fails a replacement wire will be needed for the sander. The Porter Cable 7800 drywall sander is present in the 1st position in this article as it is one of the more premium options out there. Boasting 13 ft. of vacuum hose and a 62-in. The sanded flat work is plagued by half moons and swirls in the sanded finish from the spinning disks. We check all of our work with 500 watt halogens, or equivalent LED lights to look for imperfections. Maybe go over the entire disk with some 80 grit.

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