Cook according to package directions. Mixed vegetables and hard-cooked eggs add the nutritional content, and condensed soup makes the sauce easy. I still make it today, ’cause it’s so quick and easy; with just a few ingredients, it couldn’t be any simpler. The casserole should be baked uncovered so that this topping can crisp up during the baking process. It seems that when growing up. So, still today whenever I prepare a fish meal of any kind , I always seem to make it a " meatless Friday". The Tuna noodle casserole sounds like a real winner, and easy. But when I fix it nowadays, I realize just how old fashioned this tuna casserole recipe really is. This tuna and macaroni casserole is a flavorful combination, and it's a whole meal in one dish. It was an easy dish for mom to make; my sister, and I, loved it. Add them at the same step as the tuna, and they will cook quickly. Ingredients. As a child, it was always, meatless Friday's. I also have all those ingredients on hand all the time. Tuna casserole is usually topped with a crunchy topping like bread crumbs or even crushed chips. I'm going to make it on Friday. And easy. 1 cup pasta (elbow macaroni, cooked until just tender and drained) 1/2 cup onion (chopped) 1/4 cup bell pepper (green, chopped) 1 cup milk 1 can cream of mushroom soup … A fun change-up would be using white cheese melt (queso blanco). . I grew up in the 1970’s, and this is the old fashioned tuna casserole we had all the time. This tuna mac and cheese recipe calls for elbow macaroni, but any pasta will do. You could make this cheesy tuna mac a complete meal by adding frozen peas. Your recipe is a real winner.

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