The Anglo-Nubian goat breed originated in England as a cross between the Old English Milch Goat and the Zariby and Nubian bucks imported from India, Russia, and Egypt. This breed is known for being quiet and intelligent. However, raising Anglo Nubian goat is very joyful and almost all types of people love them. Unlike other dairy breeds, Nubians have been used by some producers in the goat meat production sector. Physical Characteristics. Registration lets you know your stock is purebred and gives you a database to glean from if strong milking lines are important to you. I have 7 goats on my pasture. The Nubian goats are excellent browsers. The milk of Anglo Nubian goat contains about 4% fat and enrich with butter. And the higher butterfat content in their milk makes them an ideal dairy goat breed. Adult male goats weights about 175 pounds. It is known for high quality, high butterfat, milk production. They have tough hooves, strong udders, and have a high resistance to disease. Sitemap But suitable for raising at home with other animals. The Nubian is a relatively large, proud, and graceful dairy goat that traces its ancestry to India and Egypt. These animals are known for the high butterfat content in their milk, average 4.6 percent or more. Supplementary feeds will be good for them for increasing both meat and milk production. The Nubian goat has its advantages. Duck Often referred to as the Jersey of the dairy-goat world, this goat breed is one of the best-known sources for milk, given to its high butterfat content of between 4 – 5 percent, which is ideal for making yogurt, cheese, and soap. Even though it has its roots in the middle East and Africa, the breed was developed in Britain by crossing English goats with exotic bucks. The Anglo Nubian goats show a number of color variations but red and black colors are most common. They are just like infants, they become very calm and quiet while providing something to eat or drink. It is a British goat breed and it was developed in the nineteenth century through cross-breeding between native British goats and a mixed population of large lop-eared goats. The Nubian goat (also known as Anglo Nubian Goat, Lop-eared goat, Rabbit goat, Greyhound goat, Long-eared goat and simply as Nubian) is one of the most popular goat breeds. The Anglo Nubian goats are large in size. Nubian Goat Characteristics. Iam looking for Anglo numbia goat’s 4×females 4 month’s old and 1× male 1 year old to start breeding them iam based in hoedspruit limpopo province South Africa, +27604187715. Anglo Nubian goat originated from Great Britain. They have very … Rabbit Please contact on +254727989588. The Nubian is a relatively large, proud, and graceful dairy goat that traces its ancestry to India and Egypt. It is very good for both milk and meat production, and raised as a dual-purpose animal. They will quickly adapt to doing things the right way after being shown what to do. Hello Average live body weight of the mature does is around 61 kg. Nubians have long, drooping, pendulous ears that extend at least one inch beyond the arched roman nose. They have long legs with short hair on coat. They are the result of crossbreeding of British and Indian goat breeds. Ostrich Thank you! Having a pasture will be very good for them. So, you can produce milk from them through the year. And they are raised for both milk and meat production. They love grazing. The Nubian goats are very strong and hardy animals. Nubian goats are good breeders. So, build house for them in high and dry places. Ensure sufficient flow and entrance of fresh air and daylight. It’s also required if you want to show your goats. Deer Characteristics, feeding, housing and care of Anglo Nubian goats are described below. It is known for high quality, high butterfat, milk production. Sheep, Bee They are like human infants and become very calm and quiet while providing food, water or shelter. We have discussed about all the process related to goat farming business. Generally, the Nubian Goats are large in size and they are very beautiful in appearance. The dairy goat’s appeal to young people is evidenced by the numerous dairy goat projects in the 4-H and FFA programs. Goat They are very lovely. Their breeding season is pretty long. If you have some Mr. Qadir Merchant So maybe possible to give me one pair male and female mature for breediding purpose. So, this goat don’t need some extra care and management. They have very round nose (Roman Nose), and their legs are long. Those large lop-eared goats were imported from India, the Middle East and North Africa. Please contact to my email [email protected], Hallo @Royfarm The milk of this goat contains much butter and fat than any other dairy goats. This goat breed is suitable for all types of domestic/commercial meat, milk and fur production purpose. Llooking for breading goats.we have 5 The face of Anglo Nubian goats is convex and the forehead is particularly prominent.

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