Really, a mole can mean so many things, and, if you find one and want to know if you should be concerned or what the symbolism behind it is, you've come to the right place. People with a mole on the left side of the chin, on the other hand, are outspoken and hence not very popular. According to the Mayo Clinic, it's important to see a doctor "if a mole looks unusual, grows or changes.". However, depending on what it looks like, a spot on your cheek could mean a few different things. "Moles can appear anywhere on the skin, alone or in groups." They may find a pretty wife. Respond. The celestial bodies start influencing a person right from his days in his mother’s womb. However, if you find a mole on top of your head, don't worry — it typically isn't dangerous, according to Healthline. "Moles are growths on the skin that are usually brown or black," the website states. People with a mole on their left leg may be required to travel a lot related to their employment or business development. "Seborrheic keratoses are brown or black growths usually found on the chest and back," according to WebMD. Shoulders If the mole is situated on the back of the ear, such people tend to stick to traditions. If your mole is itching, bleeding, oozing, or painful, see a doctor right away. Suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind assassinated near Tehran, Manorama Horizon launches special crash course for board exams, Elaborate precautionary measures in Sabarimala in view of COVID-19, Stray dog's barks save man from likely watery grave, Elderly man dies falling into pit left open by KSEB, Idukki farmer rents helicopter for Rs 4.5 lakh to fly daughter to marriage, Was unsure about returning to court after gaining 23kg during pregnancy: Sania, F1: Hamilton wins Turkish GP, equals Schumi's record of seven world titles, COVID-19 forces postponement of Premier Badminton League, WhatsApp gets approval to launch payments feature in India, Rampaging ATK grab historic third ISL title, A fantastic library is the highlight of this quaint Kasaragod house, Russia to produce 100 million doses of COVID vaccine per year in India, The ritual of salt-offering at a Subramanya temple in Kerala, Iconic illustrator Quentin Blake's drawings to be sold to benefit UK gallery, Ludo movie review: This hyperlink dark comedy got no logic but does some magic, K-pop super band BTS: We hope to visit India in the future. Additionally, medically speaking, moles on the legs might be a sign that something is wrong. If you meet someone with a mole on their right hand, trust her to complete a task with precision and clarity. Have a mole on the back of your neck? According to, a mole there "denotes early marriage" and a "beautiful wife," as well as "a possibility of sudden and unexpected arrival of money.". The person will have an opportunity to go abroad. Mole on the ear lobe. Mole on the sclera (white part of the eye) Image Credit: shutterstock. You have mastered the art … Sadly, politics trumps principles in Kerala! If there are two Moles on the left Thigh of a woman, then her thinking is not pure. According to Healthline, new moles on your face are usually basal cell or squamous cell cancers and are easily treated. They may be pious and kind. Couldn't hurt, right? Additionally, the neck is where a lot of suspicious-looking moles tend to appear. Additionally, according to The Encyclopedia of Superstitions, a mole on the arm means someone is "cautious.". Ever wonder what a mole means if found in a specific location on the body? They are likely to preside over a large family. Unfortunately, they cannot be changed, like your name. They may be diplomatic and intelligent. Almost all of us bear moles on our bodies. They may be pious. © Copyright 2018 Manoramaonline. Such people may be loose talkers. Additionally, according to The Encyclopedia of Superstitions, a mole on someone's back means they will face a lot of "obstacles and setbacks. A mole inside the upper lip belongs to someone who has considerable knowledge in chants and rituals. Healthline notes, "The most common body sites for melanoma in women are the arms and legs." Or you could be a business leader or climb up the ranks in any other organisations. Forehead A mole on the left flank belongs to people who lead ordinary lives. If the mole is in the left eye, such persons are considered arrogant and extramarital. They may be writers or painters. Foot They are very loving to their partners and they equally care about them. Neha Kakkar, Rohanpreet's honeymoon at Atlantis Dubai costs Rs 90,000 a night?

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