Next Post → About The Author. Powercreep is real and while Jund is not that bad as the hivemind wants to make it look, it's also not the go-to midrange deck anymore. By Luis Scott-Vargas / August 13, 2020 August 13, 2020. If you haven't had the chance to learn about Jund and how it operates, I would refer you to my Jund Primer as a starting point. Magic: The Gathering Modern Faeries: A Decklist and Archetype Primer – Spread the Sickness by Grant Hislop. Posted June 7, 2017 by Abdullah Elhawary in Nerdy Bits. ... Jund went for five or six, but they didn’t have the permission that Faeries does to back it up. In this format, each team has to submit 3 Modern decks in which, other than basic lands, no 2 decks may contain the same card. The purpose of this primer is to give information about the modern Jund archetype for those still interested. LSV Causes Mayhem With Jund Citadel In Pioneer. I hope you’ve enjoyed this crash course on Modern Jund. [Modern] Jund Primer. Reid Duke dives into this Modern Jund Deck List to give us a comprehensive deck guide with all the tools you need to win. It was given a nudge which helped it develop into one of the most dominant shards in Magic’s history. Team Unified Modern will be played at the World Magic Cup in Rotterdam (November 18-20) as well as 2 Grand Prix events in 2017. LSV takes a spicy new Jund Citadel deck into the Pioneer queues, and demonstrates that this is indeed Bolas’s house. I’m not able to go to Detroit, but I’ve noticed a few posts about deck selection and meta game choices. Modern Jund Death’s Shadow Deck Guide. If Abzan hasn’t been doing it for you, or if you’re just looking for a change of pace, give it a try! Jund makes up around 8% of the Modern metagame, which means that in a 15 round tournament one can expect to play at least one match against Jund around 70% of the time. Post navigation ← Previous Post. To know thy enemy is to know thyself. We play Jund because we love Jund, so in this primer I don't want to reivent the wheel: this is a for fun deck that happens to be super expensive, not something that's going to spike the next Modern Challenge. First o we have discard spells such as Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize, ideally you play them on turn one and start dismantling your opponents’ plan. 0. On the 3rd of October in 2008, my soulmate was born. Jund does this using a combination of di erent card groups. Jund Primer Introduction Jund is a midrange/control deck which tries to play a long game and win the game through card advantage and the use of e cient, powerful cards. Tags: Card Choices, Deck Guide, GB, Jund, Jund Deck Guide, Midrange, Modern Deck Guide, Modern FRF, Pantheon Deck Guide, Primer, Rock, Sideboarding. Well, not exactly born, but rather re-branded and re-purposed. Modern Jund Primer. Team Unified Modern Primer Part 2: The Metagame. By Frank Karsten / November 1, 2016 October 10, 2019. Share this. With a GP in Detroit coming up, I’d like to contribute to an archetype I’ve been playing in modern.

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