Thanks for the recipes, Rosalee and John! I can’t save as a pdf, though. They surmised this is due to the health benefits of tea and that tea drinkers seem to have healthier overall lifestyles. Thank you for these, I will be making the Digestive blend. Love the recipes! Especially the wooden mug. This post is sponsored by our friends at Mountain Rose Herbs. This tea blend was inspired by the fancy tea blend I bought in southern France. I am an aromatherapist (soon to be a clinical aromatherapist) so I know everyone is expecting my blends, balms, soaps and beauty products but just wait until I BAM! This recipe for Energy Herbal Tea looks delicious, with both … Rooibos tastes great on its own but it also is delicious with other herbs and spices. If using a cup, then instead of 2 parts, you would use 2 cups. These also work well for non-holiday gifts, of course. Then I got the idea of adding the extract and finally the orange flavor popped out. Thank you so much for the recipes and the newsletter. I have very limited experience using essential oils. All the different teas such as black tea, green tea, pu’erh tea and white tea come from the same evergreen tree, Camellia sinensis. How do you use the rosehips? Your email address will not be published. At first I made a similar blend without the orange extract but the orange taste was never strong enough. A variety of herbal tea blends are available for purchase, but very often these commercial blends use artificial flavorings and aren't the real thing at all. Or are they happy second hand store accidents? It is widely known that the poorest quality teas are used for tea bags. 5. I am going to purchase the other components and give them to the ladies as well. Those same drying instructions from #6 will work here. Let this sit for a day or two to allow the extract to soak in to the tea and spices. That will work too. I am!! Buying bulk whole leaf teas is one way to get better quality teas. All tea from the Camella sinensis plant contains caffeine. I am admittedly very smitten with Earl Grey tea these days. Sweet Tea Vodka – You can use hand-mixed or store-bought tea to make this robust vodka infusion. I blend decaf. Steep covered for 3 to 5 minutes. I think I will have my daughter help me make the orange spice blend and give it to her teachers. How To Build An Earthbag House For $6,164, 19 Small Kitchen Tables For Conserving Space, Coke – Not Pepsi – Removes Carcinogenic Caramel Coloring, Public Garden Plots Put Town On Path To Food Independence, The Urban Lumberjack – The Accidental Eco-Warrior of the City, 8 Vegan Restaurants: Eating vegan Gets Easier Every Day, How to Fix Absolutely Anything: The Instructables Guide to Home Repair. Not sure where I’d get the supplies from in England, I also LOVE the moon and stars tea strainer, where is that from? Shake really well. Since some people avoid drinking caffeinated products, I also included two herbal tea blends. Adding… when you do as I mention above, the comments and ads do not print. On my Mac, I can hit PRINT, and not he bottom left of the box, select SAVE AS PDF. (I recommend buying the above ingredients as “cut and sifted” with the exception of the hawthorn berries which work fine whole.). 3. Pu’erh tea is a popular fermented tea that is highly prized by tea connoisseurs. Can I substitute other varieties of cypress? Thank you.! At first I made a similar blend without… Thank you, I love being an HerbMentor member. I know there will be some of you who avoid caffeine altogether, so I’ve also created some herbal tea blends without caffeine. Leslie right click and select the “save as” option. Licorice root may cause high blood pressure when taken in large amounts frequently. The ingredients are listed but I don’t know the proportions. To give them as gifts, consider putting them in brown tea bags, cello bags or even corked wide-mouth bottles. To measure by parts, you simply choose whatever measurement you would like to be your part. Tea can heal all that ails you ( read “Healing Teas” from Marie Antol – great book!). Rosalee, To brew: Use 1 heaping teaspoon per 8 ounces of hot water. This fall I went to another tea shop with my friend and fellow herbalist Cathy Skipper and we both immediately knew those fancy tea blends had artificial flavorings added to them.

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