Want to look slick, modern and luxurious? Go darker to add mystery. The Due Process Institute also takes advantage of the dark blue for professionalism and seriousness, but pairs it with an darker gold. White is youthful and economical, but can work for almost any brand. To gather ideas about your law firm’s brand and logo colors, you can check out colors from other big name brands here. The color scheme you choose may depend on the services you offer and the brand message you would like to […], […] you have decided on a name for your firm, you need to create a logo and decide on colors. Oppenheim also takes advantage of the classical gold, and complements it with a dark red. It’s used less often than red, but still packs an energetic punch. Browse through top. As we go into below, most of the logos in the legal industry focus on only one or two colors. Green isn’t linked with specific personality traits, but it has strong cultural associations. Go lighter to be more accessible. Of course, knowing which colors most benefit your brand and actually applying them to a logo are two different things. The color scheme you choose may depend on the services you offer and the brand message you would like to […], Your email address will not be published. Baker McKenzie, the largest American law firm and second-largest in the world (in both headcount and revenue) chooses two shades of bold and aggressive red as their legal branding colors. Your primary logo color is blue, the king of colors. Make your brand appear rugged, masculine or serious. Think stop signs, agitated bulls and fast food joints. Brown is very underutilized, so you’ll stand out from the competition. With your brand voice, positioning and differentiation established, you should look into what colours are most aligned with your client persona’s psychology. ... One or two colors (rarely three) Visually muted color scheme; If you think about this, you will see that they make your law firm emblem influential and stylish at the same time. Intellectual Property Law, © 2020 PaperStreet Web Design, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This particular logo with yellow and grey portrays energy, creativity, intellect, high-tech, and sleek. Time to go black. If you already have strong branding in place (the logo is usually the most important single element of your law firm’s brand identity) for your law firm website, it is often best to use your brand’s primary color prominently on your website. Combined with the yellow, another warm color, this logo doubles-down for a youthful appearance, but the dark shades of both allow it to maintain its seriousness and professionalism. Bankruptcy, and Gray is the middleground of mature, classic and serious. That’s why it’s important to hire a designer who’s not only skilled, but also understands the nuances of designing for the legal industry. The following logos contain colors in the design. Go with purple to appear luxurious, cutting-edge or wise. Required fields are marked *. And because logos in the legal industry tend to be minimalist, those one or two colors have a lot to say. Your primary logo color is red, the universal sign of excitement, passion, anger and stimulated appetites. We'll also send you the occasional marketing email and promotion (which you can opt-out of anytime). Often little more than a name, logos for law firms may not be as complex as those from other industries, but that doesn’t make them any easier to design. The colors you choose should further your branding goals, whether they’re the same as the industry leaders or not. Start your logo design with an online logo maker like Placeit or a template from Envato Elements , which make it easy to create cool law firm logos without needing a … But imagine your firm is invited to sponsor a booth at a community function, and your mostly red logo is going to be printed on a red background alongside some of your competitors. Your primary logo color is purple, a warm and cool combination that blends the passion of red with the serenity of blue. Not quite dark, not quite light. Family, I’ve recommended here that you shouldn’t bother with a fancy logo when you first set up your law firm. The perfect law firm logo colors work in conjunction with the overall branding strategy. A Note on Typography . Blue and black’s high associations with serious, subdued, and classical traits matches up seamlessly with our legal clients’ requests and the industry leaders’ choices. Impressive logos are an essential part of any branding effort. From millennial pink to neon magenta, pick pink for a modern, youthful, luxurious look. […] you have decided on a name for your firm, you need to create a logo and a color scheme. But what you ultimately choose is probably going to be a function of your budget. The logo for Andrew Pickett Law, for example, uses a familiar shade of blue with neutral accents for both the pictorial logo and the word “law.” However, the most noticeable deviation from the standards of law firm logo colors is the usage of orange, which goes against the serious and subdued traits other firms value. You’ll almost certainly have a standard brand scheme that you’ll use in almost every instance. There was an error, please try submitting again. I suggest that if you do create a colored logo, try to restrict yourself to a line-art logo using flat colors. A compelling law firm logo not only demonstrates that your company is firmly established, but it makes you memorable and distinguishes you from competitors. 10 Best Websites for: Data visualizations designed by MH Designs. And just like with your choice of font, the colors you choose can heavily impact how your audience views your firm, based solely on your logo design. The Psychology of Color and Your Law Firm’s Market. Here's how legal businesses on 99designs define their brand personalities: We analyzed the preferences of all industries and assumed normal distribution. Finally, make sure the logo looks good in multiple colors. You have hired a design firm to create a logo to brand your law firm with the right image and enhance your identity. Don’t use any gradients or shadows. Want to know more about how design impacts business? Have a color-proofed alternative ready so that your … The same may be true for some law firms–those operating in similar arenas, where stability is …

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