They begin with the letter h. Name an occupation beginning with the letter H? Jobs that start with H, K, Q, U, or Y? List of Top Careers in Healthcare for 2020. Physical Therapist – Physical therapy tops this health career list because it is a lucrative position with tremendous growth expected in the coming years. can you please help me think of ideas for I am making an a-z book about careers for preschoolers. Usually a LOT more than … Handyman, hair designer, harpist, helicopter pilot, homemaker, home economics teacher and hockey player are occupations. Jobs and professions Vocabulary and expressions related to jobs and professions in French Vocabulaire de travail et professions en français, espagnol et anglais It also … i have careers such as doctor, teacher, etc. JOB TITLES STARTING WITH H These lists are presented mainly to stimulate your thinking further… and to demonstrate there are a much wider variety of different jobs possible! Abattoir Operative - Food and Drink Manufacturing Accommodation Warden - Facilities Management Accountant - Management - Accountancy Accountant - Private Practice - Accountancy

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