4 - FUSE CHARACTERISTICS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TYPE OF CUBICLE FUSED SWITCH, WITH THE FUSE AND SWITCH CONNECTED IN SERIES AND OPERATING INDEPENDENTLY (EX. A fuse works after the element dissolves due to the heat generated by the I2RF in which the RF blocks the fuse. PM CUBICLE) The switch interrupts its rated current under normal operating conditions (100 interruptions at a … This gives the time-current characteristics of HRC fuse. NH fuses are constructed from a rectangular ceramic casing enclosed by a cover plate that features a metal blade style terminal on each end. The liquid used in the fuses extinguish the arc created by the short circuit. Liquid type HRC fuses are filled with carbon tetrachloride. • The fuse complies with standard EN 60269-2 section II and standard BS 88 part 2. This is … HRC fuse consist of a fuse wire in it, which carries the short circuit current to a limited period of time. NH fuses are one-time fuses, meaning once they have blown, they must be replaced with a new fuse with the same characteristics. During the short circuit period, if fault is removed immediately, then the fuse wire doesn’t melts. Therefore, in the state of more current, the fuse melts faster. It is one of the easiest forms of fuse which is used for the purpose of distribution. Fig. HRC fuse or high rupturing capacity fuse carry short ckt heavy current for a known time period, unlike the normal fuses. Characteristics of HRC fuse. 10 – Liquid Type HRC Fuses. These type of fuses are similar to low voltage fuses. During the time when heavy current flows, if the fault is removed then it does not melta otherwise it melts. •These fuses are designed for : - “General purpose use” protection (gG type) - motor protection (gM type) •This fuse range insures an excellent current limi-tation for all overloads on a large range of appli-cations. NH Fuse Construction. If the current exceeds the capacity of the fuse, its heat also increases. As discussed for normal current the fuse wire doesn't melt but when over current flows due to high I2Rf loss the fuse wire melts.So fuse wire melts faster for higher fault currents and takes more time to melt for lower fault currents. The abbreviation of HRC fuse is High Rupturing Capacity Cartridge fuse. When there is a short circuit, the current passes through the element which melts and break. 2.2.2 Cartridge type HRC Fuse.

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