Pro Tip: In addition to the lying leg curl, some of the more popular exercise types include: toes in, toes out, single-leg, standing single leg, and seated as well. In addition to this, not pushing with both legs equally also results in improper form. Do you want the perfect chest? Average Price: Anywhere from $10 to $300 or more. Also, great wall balls can be found at Rogue Fitness. Where to Buy: Browse Indoor Cycling Bike Deals on Amazon. Keep reading: The Best Home Workouts for Men, 28 Oct 2020 – You can also choose which muscle/muscle groups to target. The name is exciting and inviting, letting the customer know what to expect from the brand. Do not extend your arm too far, as this can result in injury. Where to Buy: Browse Amazon for Adduction/Abduction Machine Deals. You want to make sure you are staying safe to prevent injuries. Where to Buy: A lot of places, from Wal-Mart to Dicks. But write down any you do like the sound of, narrowing your list down to 3-5 creative gym name ideas. But if used right, they can offer just as much, if not more, than some of their more lucrative gym mates. Finally, do not extend your arms fully at the end of a downward movement. More or less depending on the condition and amount of weight. Pro Tip: When doing a bench press, do not arch your back, this means that your feet are placed too low. More or less depending upon quality, condition, and brand. Especially if you decide to hold onto weights as you’re lifting yourself up. Description: Pretty much the go-to gym equipment most people first think of when they think of bodybuilding. Best Kettlebells for Your Home Gym – Adjustable vs Standard, Medicine Balls vs. Wall Balls vs. Slam Balls – What You Need to Know, Best Foam Rollers – Top 10 Muscle & Back Rollers. Average Price: $30 to $150. A perfect thing to use this stability ball for is the rehabilitation of injuries, stretching, and balance. Depending on weight and brand. Where to Buy: Amazon (browse hammer strength machines on Amazon), Fitness Superstore, Craigslist. Description: Very diverse workout machine in the amount and types of exercises that can be performed by attaching grips to the end of the cables. Description: Combined with a sit-up while throwing this ball against the ball and catching it; going all the way down again, and then up once more, and so on repeatedly. Dips can be performed with weight, or without, by keeping your body vertical. Guide to Sit-Up Benches: Best Sit-Up Benches – Guide to Choosing a Sit Up Bench. Find out what each gym machine is called, what it looks like, and how to use them. The example below demonstrates a cable crossover exercise targeting the chest and shoulder areas. It not uncommon to hold a weight at your chest to increase the intensity, but be careful to not rush this Adding weights too quickly can and often does lead to injury during this type of exercise. Where to Buy: Amazon for great deals on both the lower-mid and upper brands (browse squat rack deals on Amazon). Because it is easy to cheat and swing your body whichever way to make the exercise easier, using a barbell comes with a word of caution: injuries. Using this guide you will now be able to confidently identify the name of common workout machines in the gym and from the above directory, you will also get an idea of best pratices when it comes to using them. Where to Buy: Amazon (browse bench press deals on Amazon), Wal-Mart, and/or Rogue Fitness. Description: Used for strengthening your latissimus dorsi muscle, or lats as they are known. Guide to Buying Gym Headphones (plus an FAQ), How to Prevent and Treat 9 Common Sports Injuries, See all 29 posts Lab5 Fitness. Description: This type of gym equipment was designed to isolate and work the chest. Incomplete and/or exaggerated movement will not result in an efficient workout either. Where to Buy: Amazon (browse barbell deals on Amazon) and/or Rogues Fitness. Pro Tip: When doing cable and pulley machine exercises, it is important to use the right amount of weight. Gym Name Ideas: Step 4 – Due Diligence. Average Price: Anywhere from $200 to $800 and up. Another great piece of gym equipment to use on leg day. Varying in price, cheaper for used or lower quality, more expensive for a new and good brand. Perfect for anyone focusing or wanting to incorporate cardio and aerobic exercise into their routine. Pro Tip: Be sure to squat down until your thighs are pretty much parallel with the floor. Average Price: An affordable, stripped-down one with just the rack is around $150. Try not to bounce the bar off your chest either, even though you may think it makes you look super macho. Pro Tip: To properly use the peck deck machine, sit back with your elbows at about 90 degrees, on the mid-chest level. Pull downwards toward you, keeping your elbows and back straight. Flexing and/or extending the foot does not change the work done by the quadriceps. Muscles Used: Calves mainly. Another mistake is the locking of the knees when reaching the top of the movement. Average Price: Between $450-$1,000. Also, do not bounce as you gain momentum, take your time, and learn good form. Finally, try not to lock your elbows at the apex of the movement, keep your feet, back, and head still! Where to Buy: Best Abdominal Bench Deals on Amazon. Depends on how much weight you purchase and the condition of the machine. However, make sure not to confuse an indoor cycling bike with other exercise bikes such as a recumbent bike or a regular upright exercise bike.

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