I listened to a podcast recently in which a nutritionist said consuming collagen won’t help build collagen however the consumption of hydrolysed collagen signals an injury in the body, triggering the production of collagen in the body making it freely available in the bloodstream. Cause nothing else has changed in my diet. I am taking one serving of powder collagen peptides (Further Food brand). Changing one variable won't prevent them. Vegans and vegetarians have the option of taking algal oil softgels. Your body has to make its own, using vitamin C (the precursor to collagen). Here is a good article doing an overview on research on glycine. It protects the liver, the kidneys, the eyes, the brain, et cetera. It’s sweet, and you can use it to replace your sweeteners. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Although collagen is a supplement in both stacks, taking both stacks doesn’t mean doubling the collagen dose. In Great Lakes Gelatin, their mission is simple - through provides the high quality at a reasonable price of collagen health care products, help people live a healthy life. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the IsItBullshit community. Out of the hydrolyzed collagen supplements, Great Lakes is a great option because it balances cost effectiveness with transparency around testing for contaminants. Here is the stack Examine.com recommends you take for different types of pain/joint issues: Joint pain is caused by a variety of factors. ), so I switched to this and I'm very happy with it. You can choose to replace the undenatured type-II collagen (40 mg) by some hydrolyzed collagen (10 g) or some gelatin (10–15 g). Glycine, protects rats from diabetes-induced harmful effects on kidneys, eyes, blood sugar, immune function and total mortality[2], dramatically decreases the negative effects of sucrose and ethanol in rats[4], prolongs the lifespan of rats, possibly by mimicking the effect of methionine restriction[5], protects rats from the harmful effects of excess methionine[5], protects dogs, rats and rabbits from ischemia (lack of oxygen in the tissue)[6], protects rats and mice from endotoxin-induced damage[7], protects rats from liver injury caused by methionine or choline restriction, alcohol, chemotherapy, bile duct ligation, partial hepatectomy, hemorrhagic shock, sepsis, Cyclosporin A or corn oil[8], protects rats from acid reflux esophagitis[10], protects rats from high blood pressure and vascular dysfunction caused by a low-protein diet (9% casein) during pregnancy[11], protects chickens from body fat gain caused by a low-protein diet (supplemented w/glutamic acid)[11], protects rats from hypercholesterolemia induced by casein and cholesterol[12], protects rabbits from hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis induced by casein[12], protects rats from hypercholesterolemia caused by methionine[5], protects rats from experimental colitis, and gastric ulcers/lesions[15], protects rats from experimental arthritis[16], protects rats from Achilles tendon inflammation[17], protects ovariectomized rats from osteoporosis[27], protects hamsters from chemotherapy-caused oral mucositis[34], reduces the birth defects caused by Tretinoin, cadmium or hyperglycemia[19], reduces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines (TNF-α, IL-6) and increases adiponectin in mice[20]. Now, if your body isn't producing enough collagen, that's something else entirely. Source: Cumulative research on the first page of Google. You can also take glycine as a pure powder. The stuff must last a LONG time! -Therapeutic amount for joints (bone on bone in knees) upto 100 grams is fine (or 20g mornings,20g evenings) for month or up to 3. If you’re concerned about that, listen to the podcast in full detail to get my suggestions around testing and around protective factors in the diet to make sure that that does not increase your risk of kidney stones. A subreddit for the discussion of nutrition science. Note- Not native english speaker, But i really wanted to share some of my foundings, i hope it helps someone. Pycnogenol (100–200 mg) can be replaced by a grape seed extract (200–400 mg). Macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, diets, and nutrition news are among the many topics discussed. Someone on here recommended Great Lakes (maybe it was you? The latter is cheaper than the former and is thought to work similarly, but its benefits to joint health have never been directly demonstrated. You can choose to replace the undenatured type-II collagen (40 mg) by some hydrolyzed collagen (10 g) or some gelatin (10–15 g). Cookies help us deliver our Services. An animal carcass might be half collagen, and you would be economically restrained in the pre-modern era to use most of that collagen in a way that you really don’t quite use if all you’re doing with it is boiling the bones to make bone broth. No affiliation with them, I just randomly got it off of Amazon. Press J to jump to the feed. I thought that I will have it like that for the rest of my life. Best way to take glycine is to use a gelatin or collagen supplement. If your pain persists, add the stack “for people with osteoarthritis” above. Anyways, about a week in and so far I noticed very good results in my skin. Curcumin is a component of turmeric (Curcuma longa). Across animal and human studies, glycine has many benefits. But, it may be an intrinsic part of our biology that we run a glycine deficit, and the most compelling thing that Alex brings up in this podcast is that even animals who did not have traditional diets that were rich in collagen run this glycine deficit, and you can’t justify it based on eating an unnatural diet.

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