This Genie GT90 compatible single button remote control made by Transmitter Solutions is compatible with the following Genie Remotes: GT90-1, GT90-2, GT90-3, AT90, MAT90, CT90, LD12, AT290, GPT90-1.. However, the 387LM universal garage door remote keypad can be used as a direct replacement for the GPWK-12. For every switch in the OFF or Negative position, record a number 2. ... Genie Remotes & Keypads. Programming Instructions for the 387LM Universal Keypad Record the dip switch sequence inside one of your remotes before performing the steps below. We carry a wide range of Genie Professional Line garage door and gate remotes and keypads including the Intellicode and dip switch models. These new programmable openers featured a series of 8-12 dip switches that could be set in the up or down position to create a unique code. Genie’s classic GPWK-12 wireless garage door keypad has been discontinued because Genie no longer makes a wireless keypad for any of the radio controls that use dip switch settings. All genie bluemax remotes used dip switches to set the code to. The Genie Universal Keypad (Model Number 42149R) is compatible with units that program by learn button and by dip switches. Logic Board Part Numbers: All start with: 41A3... Old Remote Models: Universal garage door remotes that work on visor garage door opener remote genie gwk 12 gwkbl patible 390 mhz on garage door opener remote outside keypad programming Pre 1993 Dip Switch Garage Door OpenersUniversal Garage Door Remotes That Work With Most Openers BestChamberlain Dip Switch Garage Door Opener RemotesUniversal Garage Door Remotes That Work … They are part of the Overhead Door Company. Genie GT90 GPT-1 390 MHz Compatible Mini Key Chain Remote Control 12 Dip Switch. Dip Switches or Smart-Learn Button 5 GENIE (9 CODE SWITCH SYSTEMS) 6 GENIE (12 CODE SWITCH SYSTEMS) Locate your systems code switch positions from an original hand held remote or the motor unit receiver. If the switch is “on” or “up”, place a 1; “off” or “down”, place a 2 in the corresponding box in the TABLE below. For every dip switch in the ON or Positive position, record a number 1. Manufacture Date: 1984 - 1989 (8 or 9 DIP Switches) Opener Models: 140, 150, 240, 350, 450, 500. If the genie remote says bluemax or acsctg or some other type of name without a model number it is still possible to find the corresponding remote for your needs. The Genie Company is one of the largest manufacturers of residential and commercial garage operators and accessories. Older Genie garage door openers use a series of dip switches to program the receiver on the motor to work with the door opener remote control. This meant that for an 8 switch remote there were 2 8 or 256 possible codes and on a 12 switch remote there were 2 12 or 4,096 possible codes. Genie 12 dip switch style 390 megahertz replacement remote Works ONLY with the genie 12 dip switch style remotes Operates with Genie receivers and transmitters visor clip and battery included This is not a universal remote Do not order if you have 9 dip switches › See more product details This garage door keypad comes with the security of Genie Intellicode Technology built in. Garage Door Opener Keypad- for all Genie Garage Door Openers Made Since 1996 - GK-R Genie’s Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad Genie’s Wireless Garage Door Opener Keypad is a system for easy access to your garage without the need for a remote or a physical key. Either 9 or 12 dip switches in the battery compartment would tell you what the actual genie … Kung Fu Maintenance Shows How To Program Dip Switches For Garage Door Gate Remotes Like Linear Chamberlain Universal Video, Get the remote here! To program the keypad by learn button we need to do the following steps: Enter the pin you want to use on the keypad (3-8 Digits)

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