Recalls Priyanka, “Vijaya M’aam was specially supportive. He has gifted us with many memorable Tamil films, his most popular ones … Vijaya Chamundeswari is an Indian fitness expert and daughter of the veteran South Indian actors Gemini Ganesan and Savitri. The film also portrays the life of Gemini Ganesan. Vijaya Chamundeswari is an Indian fitness expert and the daughter of the veteran actors Gemini Ganesan and Savitri. Check this page out to know her biography- age, family, husband, children, and more. In fact Savitri and Gemini Ganesan’s children were on the sets on several occasions. Wiki/Biography & Career ; Physical Appearance; Family, Caste & Husband; Favourite Things; Facts/Trivia; Wiki/Biography & Career. It does gross injustice to all the children of Gemini, and has defamed our father. [/caption]"> Gemini Ganesan was fondly referred to as Kadhal Mannan or the ‘King of Romance’. /> Gemini Ganesan passed away in March 2005. His children are Revathi Swaminathan, Kamala Selvaraj, Narayani Ganesh, Jaya Shreedhar, Rekha, Radha Usman Syed, Vijaya Chamundeswari and Sathish Kumaar Ganesan. : Not Known; Did Pushpavalli drink alcohol? She is the sister of the famous Bollywood actress Rekha. He is survived by seven daughters and a son. She knew we would show her parents’ marriage to be far from perfect.And she was fine with it. She knew we were going to show her mother’s battle with alcoholism. Gemini Ganesan: Children: Son- None Daughters- Rekha Radha: Salary: INR 3000/film . “The film leaves you wondering where the facts end and the fiction begins. Some Lesser Known Facts About Pushpavalli (Actress) Did Pushpavalli smoke? Contents. : Not Known; She did her first film, Sampoorna Ramayanam, in which she played a small role as a child artist at the age of nine. However, Gemini Ganesan’s daughter, Dr Kamala Selvaraj is quite upset with the portrayal of her father in the film. 100 years of Gemini Ganesan Gemini Ganesan’s centenary birth anniversary: The unparalleled ‘Kaadhal Mannan’ Gemini Ganesan — a nice man to know ; Gemini Ganesan …

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