Linux Mint Themes and Icons beyond the default. The file manager should automatically create a folder and place everything from the archive inside of it. Finally, install the icon theme to the new theme folder. Linux Mint is the distribution of Linux that most people try first, when they’ve grown tired of Microsoft Windows and want to try a free alternative. Change the command so that it fits your needs. I am Vietnamese, you can call me Danie. Then close the window and done. Installing icon themes system wide has it’s benefits. First, find an icon theme from one of the websites listed above and download it. May 11, 2015 July 6, 2015. This is because each desktop environment on Linux handles files (including icon files) a little different. Not sure what GTK means? I selected a 512×512 image and saved it to my computer, you can choose a different size image, as long as it is square. Making ~/.icons creates a hidden icon folder in the current user’s home directory. The reality is that downloading and installing things like custom icons can be an easy process, if you know where everything goes. Viewed 4k times 3. They’re unsure where to download themes from, and how to install them in the first place. For starters, if you use a Linux PC that has multiple users set up on it, this makes it easier to customize the look of the desktop and make it so that each and every user sees the same thing. Now, install the icon theme by moving it to the hidden ~/.icons directory created earlier. Having desktop environment themes installed system-wide is a good option if you’re looking to give multiple users access to the same theme. Active 6 years, 10 months ago. In this example, we’ll assume that the icon theme was extracted in ~/Downloads (the current user’s download folder). Learn how your comment data is processed. Install icon themes in Linux Mint 18: There are two ways to install icon themes in Linux Mint (and many other Linux distributions, if not all). This is one of the main features why I love Linux Mint.. Another reason is that sometimes icon themes don’t work as well if they aren’t installed system-wide. Unlike other operating systems, Linux allows users to customize everything from the code that makes it work, down to how it looks. Then, use the move command to place the theme in the theme folder. How would I go about changing these icons. When I searched for how to change the icons manually, people were saying to right click the icon and press properties, but there is not properties, only preferences. Hello, my name is Dũng. First, download an image with the icon you want to go to your computer. Select the icon theme from the list and follow suit for desktop themes. Your email address will not be published.This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find the “Appearance” section, and use it to select your newly installed desktop theme (or) icon theme. Basically, you will learn how to change the Linux Mint themes beyond the default. How To Install Themes For One User. Recommended Reading: How to switch workspaces quickly in Linux Mint. Icon: point to the PNG image we downloaded earlier. Though it is not discouraged to download icons or themes from any website you find on a whim, users might have better luck finding what they want by going to these community-trusted theming websites. Subscribe email to recieve new posts from us. First extract the downloaded theme to the download directory. It is not currently accepting answers. Below is a screenshot of a cool-looking icon set called Paper Icon Theme. Fix ERROR: PAC was unable to load *any* config file, How to install XMRig CPU miner in CentOS 7, How to install Packet Tracer in Linux Mint, How to switch workspaces quickly in Linux Mint, blog with SSD VPS - Free Let's Encrypt SSL, How to use Pycharm to push your code to GitLab, Let’s Encrypt still displays the old expiration date after renewal, Fortigate set ip address management from console, Fix Exception: fromstring has been removed in Phatch, How to connect Fortigate console from Linux, How to install Pycharm community in Linux Mint. Use a custom icon: click ON. For the most part, this helps, but it ultimately doesn’t teach users how the process works. Then, enter the download directory with the CD command. Right click on it, then click “extract here”. But, it’s very easy to change the theme and icons in Linux Mint 20 without installing anything extra. There are many different places that give users the options to download custom icon themes, as well as custom desktop environment themes. It’s doable, but, as expected, the process is a bit more complicated than a few mouse clicks. Since Mint’s dev team started to take design more serious, “Themes” applet became an important way not only to choose new themes, icons, buttons, window borders and mouse pointers, but also to install new themes directly from it. INTRODUCTION. Please write sources "" when using articles from this website. In the image above, we just need to change 3 options in the Appearance section. Using Linux Mint is, from the start, a unique experience for its main Desktop Environment: Cinnamon. Netflix Error Code NW 2 5: What Does It Mean? If you’re using Gnome, install the Gnome Tweak Tool. In the image above, we just need to change 3 options in the Appearance section. All desktops on Linux have these settings. Change menu icon with custom image. Home » Technology » Tutorials » How to change Start menu icon in Linux Mint. [closed] Ask Question Asked 6 years, 10 months ago. With only two very simple steps, you can change the icon menu optionally with any image you like. Next, go to the directory where the downloaded icon theme is. Use the CD command to go here. Closed. DanieBlog a personal blog to share news, tutorial on the technology, stories around life. If you’re using KDE, open the application menu and search for “icons”. An icon theme just changes the look of icons while a theme changes a lot of other things along with the looks of icons. For example, I will save the image to the Pictures folder on my computer. This question is off-topic. My solution was to copy the Firefox icons from another Linux computer and put them on the Linux Mint Maya computer. Please keep in mind that all comments are subject to our Comment Policy.

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