Moreover, SSFs have a low level of awareness on the use of mobile phones as a supporting tool to ease the farming information flow. SSFs encounter bureaucracy from service providers and middle men, for instance, the e‐Wallet project. ‡‡ %PDF-1.3 He has also specialized in educational psychology from the viewpoint of computer science education (CS1, SE training, and creativity) and has research experience and interest in ICT4D. Most of these farmers have limited access to credit and insurance, and to markets in which to sell their produce. Silvia has 2 PhDs: one in International Co‐operation and Sustainable Development Policies and another one in Agriculture and Food Policies. This section presents the description of the study area, the source of data, the search keywords, the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and the data analysis. For example, the annual regional economic growth rates in recent years range from Nigeria's (−1.6%) shrinking economy to Ethiopia's (+9%). stream The Revolution of Mobile Phone-Enabled Services for Agricultural Development (m-Agri Services) in Africa: The Challenges for Sustainability. (Policy Research Working Papers No. In addition, the inflation rates vary widely from Ivory Coast (0.7%) to Angola (32.4%). It applied mobile phones and in house agricultural experts responded to inquiries from registered farmers in Swahili and English. Set‐up in 2012 in Nigeria to eliminate bureaucracy in the input supply. %��������� Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Our literature search was conducted from January 2016 to November 2017 through databases such as Google Scholar, Google search, conference proceedings, websites, ScienceDirect, AGRICOLA, EBSCO, and the reference lists of reviewed articles. 153, Mobile‐based livelihood services for individuals, small farms and micro and small enterprises in Africa: Pilots and early deployments, Mobile phones for agricultural and rural development: A literature review and suggestions for future research, Attitude of crop farmers towards an e‐Wallet platform of the growth enhancement support scheme for input delivery in Oke‐Ogun area of Oyo State, The developmental contribution from mobile phones across the agricultural value chain in rural Africa, Cocoa industry: Integrating small farmers into the global value chain, Lessons learned 2009‐2014: Community knowledge worker Uganda program, The relevancy of content in ICT initiatives in Indian agriculture, International Food Policy Research Institute Research Report No. The study used a systematic literature search conducted by authors at 3 levels, in which 134 studies initially identified were then narrowed to 11. Therefore, in future, it is important to consider using local languages that are appropriate to the cultural context when developing an artefact, targeting smooth information flow to a community, and encouraging the adoption and scalability of mobile phone use in the crop farming value chain. The participation of stakeholders in a project calls for diffused sustainability, collaboration, learning from each other, and sharing experiences of modern technology (McCormick, Anderberg, Coenen, & Neij, 2013). In today's world, it should be possible to prevent the use of stolen mobile phones by blocking unauthorized users automatically and revealing the location of stolen phones. The mobile phone use improved transparency and efficient e‐payment system that used a voucher system to purchase and distribute agricultural input. I School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University II School of Public Leadership and the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies, Stellenbosch University On the basis of these results, the authors conclude that there are generalized factors for understanding deficiencies experienced by small‐scale farmers, which ought to be understood by all crop farming stakeholders. This calls for enhanced education and training on ICT‐related tools including mobile phones to add skills and knowledge to SSFs that will ultimately improve the use of technology to support the farming decision‐making process and might increase the farm yield. Also, the data were limited to projects that use mobile phone technology to disseminate farming information. Contemporary Challenges in Street Trader-Customer Interaction Through Mobile Devices in Dodoma, Tanzania. Smallholder farmers working in rural areas dominate agribusiness in Africa.‐saharan‐africa‐population/ This implies that more similar projects are required in the region. The e‐Wallet replaced bureaucracy in purchasing, provision and distribution of inputs to vulnerable groups. Unfortunately however, this potential remains largely untapped. This might lead to the possible misuse of the available information (Schalkwyk et al., 2017). Established in 2011 in Ghana to improve the income and livelihood of smallholders by providing farming information on farm practices, farm safety, crop disease prevention, post‐harvesting, production and crop marketing. Okoli (2015) suggests the following 8 steps in SLRs: identify the purpose, draft protocol and train the team, apply practical screen, search for literature, extract data, appraise quality, synthesize studies, and write the review. Thematic analysis is a common, flexible, and uncomplicated method of data analysis. The use of mobile phone technology in the crop farming value chain enables small‐scale farmers (SSFs) to access farming information that supports optimal decision‐making and increases crop productivity. The basic mobile phone technology was generally used in identified crop farming projects, except the CKW and Sauti ya Wakulima projects that use smartphones. fe��އ��E���-������)�5�m?�#:�a˹�6m��u�g n��C�wǓ�ms:� B�����_-��y(*GTu�rC���&�(���7Z�:a�if�)�%o/q��9��:���qo�J?v#ҧ��>�*� 1���'�9W2���h�÷��. Small‐scale farmers commonly have access to less than 2 hectares of land (NEPAD, 2013; Vanlauwe et al., 2014). The reviewed research literature explicitly highlights the illiteracy of SSFs (Anjum, 2015; McCole et al., 2014; Nwalieji, 2015), low education and training as new technology emerges (Anjum, 2015; Schalkwyk et al., 2017), the failure of SSFs to follow directives from experts (Ifeoma & Mthitwa, 2015), inadequate or short training duration (Amadu et al., 2015; Tisselli, 2015), and the existing digital divide (individuals, households, business, and geographical areas) at different socio‐economic levels about opportunities to access ICT. She has implemented research activities conducted in the framework of FUSIONS project funded by European Union. Presently, he is working on the experience of Chamwino small‐scale farmers accessing farming information through smartphones, in Tanzania. Since access to information and an effective and efficient use of the data obtained can improve SSFs' chances to gain competitive advantage in the farming business, the authors conducted a systematic literature review (SLR) on mobile phone technology use in crop farming projects in SSA so to identify obstacles and recommend appropriate future solutions. Thus, involving SSFs in the design process might be one of the strategies that could promote ownership and success of a mobile phone project. The need around the world for more food and more diverse types of foods gives these small farmers great opportunity, but the challenges they face are significant also. Retrieved 2018‐03‐19. This study reiterates that SSFs are characterized by limited access to land, low skills, family labour, and subsistence farming practices based on rudimentary inputs and are rainfall dependent with low bargaining power. One of the many difficulties SSFs face are getting reliable farming information, thus leading to poor and weak decision‐making during farming phases (Misaki, Apiola, & Gaiani, 2015). xٖ͝Ǒ���)�"�, ��XrS�tDRu$J"1����� (�z˾����w3�p���H^�Y��ann��/���������9��u�ݝ�թڞ�uu���O�[�^���]�~�n���=�ݶn�^8�f���WO^��p�4���]o��X?���gC�%�j'$�v}́ww8�>��o�̓?\�������b}������bŃ��s�> އ�u���X7덕�ux�� uV��T�}[�M ����&@�����*�{�ytS����0N��:n�S[;Q�Fa�8�ɪ 54��*�_o���__���nC �4�����J��1�r��u{���ـ�0}���㱙�G���H�bͣJj�>�W�����i�`o�z�ׂ�a�;�v���_#������ى~��4� �+�G%f��E�]A���z��g{�owu"M&?#4��"��H{>lw�sd�5���� �G#��6h�l��;>�P?��n��#x�&���iD$N�n׬��һ>�O���Ƃ!T���Z���Z���������e��P�������ٞ�.�mj���$'���������t�����W�Z�X��K�]�E��n/��~V���#�1��j�G�tnk���zf�@x��B_�q�7��°�I�͞��z�"{jF����Ug�&�\S���iɺ Y���s�n�6}��4�ű:�!�9m뽻�Ȍ� �mϻ�|���Ss�+�t���iєˊ�ɾtb��&�!.�Ԯo�t���_�x��ي�~n{�䧲�]�L���^���(3�

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