The honesty and high values of his staff. Very pleased with the final results. On Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, voters in New Jersey chose to approve a constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana possession and sale. For overdose and related medical emergencies please dial 911. They took care of everything and gave me great results. Still, a person who is exercising their Constitutional right to free Read More, Job Openings | Click Here For Online Payments | Privacy Policy | Data Studies New Jersey Office 200 Broadacres Dr. Suite #325, Bloomfield, NJ 07003 New York, NY Office 40 Wall St Suite 3602, New York, NY 10005 Albany, New York Office 113 Great Oaks Blvd., Albany, NY 12203 Buffalo Office: 1397 Kensington Ave Suite #1, Buffalo, NY 14215, © 2020 Rosenblum Law | Attorney Advertising - Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome, Drug Charges in New Jersey – N.J.S.A. How the charges are brought will largely depend on the specific facts of the case, and the law and customs of the jurisdiction. Highly recommend their service! As the opioid epidemic continues to sweep the nation, lawmakers are becoming more conscious of the risks of drugs and criminalizing drug activity. Does That Make Them Killers? Under the newly enacted Section 13.7 of the PA Controlled Substances Act, a person cannot be charged and prosecuted for certain drug crimes, as well as probation and parole violations, if: 1. Jimmy Morelli. Very prompt and effective service team. Got my charge down significantly. Great people. As such, the friend that provides the drugs to a person that overdoses can be charged criminally, not just for selling or providing illegal drugs, but also for the injury or death that results from the overdose. Drug and alcohol addiction is a nationwide epidemic, please reach out if you or a loved one is suffering. Helped manage my case in an efficient and timely manner. Wait! For example, imagine the following: John, George, and Pete are using drugs one night. What Needs to Happen Now that NJ Has Voted to Legalize Marijuana? Governor Chris Christie signed legislation shielding you from culpability when you call for medical help. Later that night, after Pete went home, John overdoses. Steve pa. I really appreciate didn't take advantage of my situation or my money. If police officers legally seized all of the drug paraphernalia, they could not use it to incriminate John or George. They have helped me many times with violations and have been successful each time. |, those addicted to illegal substances). Very responsive and clear. All I did is signing. Before you go, would you I will be using them again. Was really easy to send in the info, and they did all of the work in terms of representation. An Overdose Death Is Not Murder: Why Drug-Induced Homicide Laws Are Counterproductive and Inhumane. This speaks by itself. She graduated from Palm Beach State College in 2016 with additional education in Salesforce University programs. Reports the overdose to … If you are the victim of a drug overdose or witnessed another person overdose on drugs in New Jersey, do not be afraid. Wrongful Death. They were super easy to work with and I won most of my cases. Police only became aware of the drug offense because the reporting person transported the overdosing person to a healthcare facility, campus police or law enforcement agency; OR 2. I'll be using this service again in the future. The lawyer will determine the course to take get the charge reduced or dropped. Not all cases are winnable but they provided me with a very knowledgable lawyer who was able to save me a ton of money. Why? Pompano Beach, FL 33062. If you are charged with a crime because you were helping someone seek medical attention for a drug overdose, contact a criminal lawyer. Corporate Headquarters: Couldn't ask for better service. When past due debts begin to pile up, filing for bankruptcy may provide Read More, When people participate in protests, there is a risk of getting arrested. If you or a loved one recently overdosed on drugs or was charged with drug possession in New Jersey, contact Rosenblum Law. If you or a loved one recently overdosed on drugs or was charged with drug possession in New Jersey, contact Rosenblum Law. | Last Updated: Sep 23, 2013. The staff was friendly and helpful. And beyond possible criminal charges, could you be sued if you gave someone drugs that led to a deadly overdose? highly professional Staff. The reporting person has a reasonable, good faith belief that another is suffering from an overdose, and 1. Our team of experienced NJ criminal defense attorneys will defend your constitutional rights and do everything they can to get you the results you want. New Law Will Make Bankruptcy More Appealing for NJ Residents Struggling with Debt, A Guide for Demonstrators at ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protests. like to join our Newsletter? On May 2, 2013, Governor Christie signed the Overdose Prevention Act (N.J.S.A. I just got the call back, they are not going to take my case because of the circumstances. Hello, I wanted to take the time to tell you all what a great job Rosenblum law Firm did for me. The New Jersey legislature and governor determined that the interest in incarcerating people for overdosing simply does not exceed the overwhelming public policy interest in caring for some of NJ’s most susceptible citizens (i.e. Very pleased with their service they deliver. One last thing, their rate did not break my bank either. Rosenblum was very great for me as a owner operator cdl driver I could stay focus on work and no that my case is being handled well worth the fee and everything I was promised I got. Thank you for the advice Sir. E-mail or call us today at 888-815-3649. They resolved my issue and were very informative. E-mail or call us today at 888-815-3649. However, if the authorities could link the chain of evidence to Pete, they could arrest him for drug possession. Or if someone overdoses in your house? Why is it that someone in possession of marijuana can get charged, someone drinking and driving can get charged, but a heroin addict can overdose in public etc and not get a single charge?" Suite 115 My experience was great with them. Aside from the person who actually overdoses and witnesses of the overdose, other people are shielded from culpability as well. This can happen even if a person does nothing wrong. Drug overdose death rates have continued to rise, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Easy and effective service. This new law allows individuals to report drug overdoses without the fear of being arrested. They are also immune from being arrested, charged, or prosecuted for criminal conduct arising out of their good faith medical decision. You should not be punished for doing the right thing and saving someone’s life by calling for medical help when they need it most. I would HIGHLY recommend them, also if I ever need them again I would not hesitate to use them in the future. After overcoming her own struggles with addiction, she began working in the treatment field in 2012. Easy to do long distance business with. I didn’t have to worry about anything. 2C:35-30). Our team of experienced NJ criminal defense attorneys will defend your constitutional rights and do everything they can to get you the results you want. After all, the Overdose Prevention Act shields John (because he is the one who overdosed) and George (because he witnessed the overdose and made the call). Excellent communication, remained on top of their business, good outcome but made better by knowledge that they were fully handling it at all times. Author: Adam H. Rosenblum Esq. I only can say thank you to ROSEBLUM LAW. In the minds of some people, anti-drug campaigns and addiction rehabs may only be able to go so far.

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