(B) psilopsids (C) fungi A Protein factory is (C) rapidly looses its genome (B) unicellular (A) lipoproteins Biology MCQs PDF Guide [View Download] In Pakistan both of tests are taken by NTS - Means National Testing Service. The chief component of the cell wall of the majority of fungi is 26. (A) photosynthetic B A (C) phosphorylation (A) amaltas 1. (A) multi-nucleate aseptate (C) cultured plants 93. 50. (A) nucleus (D) frog, 29. (C) bacteria (B) photosynthesis C 73. (D) streptomycin, 76. (A) tracheids (A) chlorophyll 63. 5. Foul smell in lake is produced by (B) chemosynthetic 70. Which of the following disease is not caused by virus (D) none of these, 43. (A) pulmonary trunk In birds the sex is determined by the type of Bacteria without any flagella are called The chromosome is All enzymes are protein which are 28. (A) carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur (A) truffles C (A) support 54. 16. 47. (B) reptiles (D) sodium chloride, 10. (A) diplo bacilli Number of chromosomes in E.coli (A) capsule (C) water (D) none of these, 72. (D) tomato, 62. 81. (B) rose (A) hydrolysis In which animal respiratory surface are found in more than one organ D (D) cytoplasm, 38. 42. In plants, which are involved in testa formation 57. 66. B (D) cellulose, 70. (D) all of these, 54. (C) tape worms 43. B (A) rat The etiolated plants lack Which of the following is a filamentous alga (C) viroids (D) chemiosmosis, 24. (A) 2% (B) glucose (C) 3% 69. (A) green algae Environment is a source of B C 75. (D) nucleus, ANSWERS: BIOLOGY QUIZ (A) glyoxylate cycle (A) oxygen (D) endodermal origin, 83. D 41. (B) glycolate cycle (A) sporangium (D) potassium ion, 53. B, Biology mcqs with answers pdf free Download: Click Here. B, 11. (D) 1, 15. (A) egg Biology MCQs with answers pdf free download, 1. (B) protein (C) gymnosperms 59. (C) mushrooms The scientific name of jelly fish is A B (A) pleura Male reproductive part of flower is (C) carpel 76. B (D) mosses, 22. (C) paracetamol (A) non-collapsiable wall (B) vector Photosynthetic prokaryotes lack (B) bacteria (C) Actinia 52. (D) transgenic plants, 63. Starch is richly present in (C) completely parasitic (C) stigma Copyright 2020 © Skilling Foundation | Let's Amaze The World | All Rights Reserved. (D) star fish, ANSWERS: MCQS OF BIOLOGY (B) shelter C (B) chloroplast (B) strepto bacilli (A) carbon Practicing NCERT Online Biology Class 12 MCQ Pdf with Answers is one of the best ways to prepare for the CBSE Class 12 board exam. (D) pin worms, 49. D D (C) oleic acid A (D) uni-nucleate aseptate, 78. (C) Calvin cycle (B) lenticels (B) leukemia Highly intelligent mammals are D (D) aves, 50. (D) none of these, ANSWERS: BASIC BIOLOGY QUIZ (D) all of these, 59. (A) fucoxanthin Nutrition in fungi is Cell envelope does not include (A) water (C) ovule 21. Protists have been evolved from A 2. (A) round worms (A) ferns (B) thermal energy 56. (B) trypsin (C) phycoerythrin D In every test 20% Marks are related to Biology Question Answers In this PDF MCQs Guide you will learn Biology related MCQs Objective type Questions with answers. (B) flat worms (C) inorganic ion (A) urine 6. It is not downloading….questions are showing but when i m downloading this by clicking the link provided…it is nt downloading ..it is offline mcq. There is no substitute for consistent practice whether one wants to understand a concept thoroughly or one wants to score better. (B) Madrepore (B) slime layer (D) peristalsis, 84. (B) RBC’s D (A) phycoerythrin (B) autosomes (A) slug (B) butyric acid This Guide of biological classification neet mcq pdf download and share with your classmates. Irregular grape like cluster of bacilli is called 53. (B) liver (B) spores Most cell membranes are composed principally of (C) Hydrogen (B) root hairs (A) stomata (A) round worms A (A) virion B 36. Vacuoles serve to C, 71. (B) bat (C) gizzard (A) crop (B) Robert Koch The heart is enclosed in a membrane called 60. It is generally accepted that plants arose from ancestral (B) atrichous (D) morels, ANSWERS: BIOLOGY QUIZ A A (C) 3 (C) uni-nucleate septate A (D) none of these, 18. (D) epithelium, 30. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! (A) Aurelia (C) Watson and Crick The human body contains water (A) concentration of water molecules inside and outside the cell A (B) supporting rings Fresh water ecosystem covers Which one is abundant in lymph FEATURED QUIZ ⇒ View the Answer GENERAL MCQS Current Affairs General Knowledge Everyday Science Arithmetic/Mathematics Computer/IT English (Vocab&Grammar) (D) spirogyra, 40. (D) Carlous Linnaues, 97. 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There is no substitute for consistent practice whether one wants to understand a concept thoroughly or one wants to score better. 86. (C) antibodies B 20. In bacterial and viral infection, their is increase in number of

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