Some dairy farming operations still allow cows and bulls to mate naturally, but an increasing number use artificial insemination to speed up the breeding cycle. Source: New Zealand official yearbook, 1957 and 2006, Hugh Stringleman and Frank Scrimgeour, 'Dairying and dairy products - On the farm', Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, (accessed 28 November 2020), Story by Hugh Stringleman and Frank Scrimgeour, published 24 Nov 2008. On dryer farms, the target will be to have the farm closed with an AFC of 650 to 750. The 2020 dairy season is almost finished on most spring-calving herds, writes Michael Donoghue, B&T Dairy Adviser, Teagasc, Galway/Clare Region. Of these regions, Waikato has the largest number of cows. The general rules for dry cow periods are; So, for a first lactation cow calving in the 1st week of February, should have been dry for the last 4 weeks. The Teagasc National Beef Conference will take place as a virtual event next week in the form of a live, hour-long, interactive webinar. Avoid low land and water logging area. Then target the fields with the heavier covers. The traditional dairying regions in New Zealand have been mainly in the western and northern North Island, and in Nelson and West Coast regions of the South Island. Lorna McCormack from Co. Meath runs her own business called Wool in School, alongside rearing a family of four children. Commercial re-use may be allowed on request. Dairy farming requires detailed programs for herd health, reproduction and calf care in addition to the nutrition and financial aspects on the farm. Your dairy farming business can sell raw or processed milk. All non-text content is subject to specific conditions. © 2020. The soil of the selected land should be fertile as the major portion of land will be utilized for fodder cultivation. Of course, there are more that will need to be addressed but get the above 3 correct and 2021 will start off a lot easier. There should be a good supply of fresh, clean and soft water. However, get it wrong and quarters can be lost or cows get very sick. Cows should be clipped and separated before drying off. If this is not possible, cubicles need to be kept very clean and limed twice-a-day while cows soak up. 3 areas dairy farmers should focus on to prepare for spring 2021 - Advertisement - The 2020 dairy season is almost finished on most spring-calving herds, writes Michael Donoghue, B&T Dairy Adviser, Teagasc, Galway/Clare Region. It’s simple math: the more frequently a cow gets pregnant, the more milk she can produce. All Rights Reserved. Any cow that needs a bit of extra TLC, so was lame, thin or expecting twins, ECT. While dairying is important in a few areas such as India, Pakistan, Central Asia, and Turkey, there is little large-scale beef-cattle farming; the Central Asian republics, however, have attempted to … She will need an extra 2 to 3 weeks dry or a kilo or 2 of ration. Get it right and it offers the opportunity to potentially cure cows with mastitis and permanently lower the SCC. Beginnings of New Zealand’s dairy industry, Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 New Zealand Licence. The removal of milk quotas fuelled the Keaveney family’s desire to expand their dairy farm. The periods above are based on good silage, greater than 67 DMD, if this is not the case ration will be required and/ or longer dry. Above are 3 key areas that will affect the profitability of the dairy business in 2021.

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