While not very well-known among the home studio crowd… The AKG C451 B is considered a bona-fide classic by recording engineers and industry professionals. Product presentation . 5 user reviews. Classified Ads. Always an industry standard, this AKG small condenser mic is often overlooked nowadays for some of the newer ribbon mics, which are also great. 5. All user reviews for the AKG C 451 E ... radiobomb's review "multi capsule studio pencil condenser mic" 4. The C-451 B is an entire rethinking of the classic C-451 E/CK-1 capsule design, and it sounds better than the original — the result of improved specs, modern componentry and updated construction techniques. This mic should be in the mic locker of every writer, performer and engineer. Price engine . The AKG C451B picks up where the C451 left off. Reviews . AKG C451 B. The original C451, which was an enormously popular microphone back in the day… Got discontinued for some reason, leaving its fans confused and frustrated. Avg used price: $358. Although the mic was designed as an homage to its famed ancestry, I’m glad AKG chose not to call the new C-451 B a reissue microphone. Product replaced by the AKG C451 B. AKG Acoustics C 451 B Cardioid Pencil Condenser Microphone. Forums × Write a user review Ask for a user review. The original AKG C 451-C, created in 1969, was the company’s first FET condenser, and was a very successful product due in part to the great sound of the cardioid CK-1 capsule and the modular design of the microphone (which included pads, gooseneck and swivel extensions, plus 10 other capsules covering every polar pattern).

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