KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE: FIVE GOLDEN RULES: 1. Finally, the rules should serve a purpose in and out of the classroom, to help kids not only be successful students, but successful people. Setting the expectation that we are all entitled to our bodies, our choices, and to changing our minds starts from a very early age. Some teachers may read this and say, “That’s not really a RULE,” but think about your kids. Modeling what positive versus negative actions, thoughts, and behaviors look like. Have you got a handful of troublemakers who wear you out? Let’s start them young and create good habits for their futures. Restrictions apply. Rules are an important aspect of every classroom, especially when you're working with high school students. Create Rituals & Routines“Children will succeed if they can” is a quote to remind yourself of often. More often than not, a child might just need a simple hug from their friend or a sorry without an adult intervening. “If it’s comfortable for your body, you may close your eyes, but this is a choice.” Set the expectations that if eyes stay open, bodies are still calm and quiet. How to do it and where to start? "When a teacher values and lives by the rules he or she sets for the class, the rules feel more authentic and can be discussed in a more legitimate way.". Creating rituals takes continual practice and repetition, and it can be easy to give in when you’re in a rush or trying to transition an entire classroom. Teaching Kids ,Tip 4 “The Five Golden Rules of Good Classroom Management ! I teach both our classes math, and she teaches them reading. The "5 Golden Rules" is the name of a very positive system of pupil behaviour management that is being increasingly adopted by schools. Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, 30 Do's and Don'ts of Classroom Etiquette for Teachers and Students, Why I Am Still Grateful to Be a Teacher 2.0-2.0, 5 Home-Based Educational & Thanks-Worthy Activities, "Diary of a Busy Teacher": Remote Learning—The Ugly Truth, 5 Ways to Teach Gratitude with Magnitude in 2020. Yoga For Good © 2020 | FAQ | Facebook | Instagram | Contact | (508) 868-4409, Proudly Serving Boston, MA & Surrounding Areas. Touch: Many children respond well to tactile tools such as stress balls to squeeze, playdough, or drawing. Do you have picture charts or a set of clear and concise steps to help children break it down? With younger kids, they simply may not have had many opportunities yet to demonstrate respect in a classroom setting. This "respect" rule comes heavily into play when kids are in another classroom, … 2. Validate Experiences & Emotions“That wasn’t so bad was it? In my fourth-grade class this year, we implemented new content-based team teaching in which my co-worker and I each teach the same subject twice. My students use task cards during our literacy centers. Show your EFL / ESL pupils that you care about them. Listen carefully and follow directions. By fourth grade, if kids don’t know that teachers expect them to raise their hands, pay attention, and do work, then we’ve got a problem. Age, gender, education, career, interests, etc., are all very important. 10 Tips for Expert ESL Classroom Management. Instead of brushing it aside, we can use positive language to reinforce the experience and be an ally. If we all share certain standards of behavior for our children, why not set that expectation clearly and firmly by creating, explaining, and practicing rules that really mean something? 5. You set up a rule that your students cannot be late for more than 5 minutes, and you didn’t follow through with the punishment? Additionally, when class rules sit up on the wall and are never discussed after the first day, they lose their meaning. We get so caught up in the work, the grading, or the behavior issues that we forget why we became teachers in the first place. Small water fountains or noise machines can be soothing and relaxing. (second part ) by Staff | 04.29.2014. and eventually it will become muscle memory and a smooth ride for all. Creating mindful spaces takes dedication, patience, and a team effort but starting with small adjustments can pay off big time in the long run! Rule driven by nature, young children want to succeed and it’s our job to set them up for success. Whether we're talking about today, tomorrow, or seventeen years from now, being prepared leads to success. Sign up to receive Good News and Yoga For Good updates! Avoid primary colors when possible. 5. Being in the midst of an over stimulating environment can exacerbate a child’s emotions, so having an area just for cooling down or being alone can be a game changer. To enforce a rule about keeping a positive attitude provides a daily reminder of our original career motivations, and it helps our kids’ attitudes. The class rules I have chosen are more than just guidelines for students in a classroom: they are rules that I truly believe people of all ages should adhere to in their daily lives. Do your best. Always be consistent. Some tips for teaching the "Be Positive" rule: From doing math worksheets to engaging in a discussion to ultimately succeeding in any career, this rule applies so heavily both inside and outside the classroom. Lisa Koplik is a fourth-grade teacher at the Greenwood School in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Remind them how strong and capable they really are! Making a chart as a class that highlights the ways they show positivity in and outside of school. But what if they first were encouraged to ask a peer or sibling for help? For example, “That must have been really scary and a big surprise! In order to create a culture that emphasizes personal responsibility, safety, and kindness in my fourth-grade classroom, I do feel it is my duty to help explicitly teach kids what these things look like. If you need help I’m here for you.” Celebrating small wins boost self-esteem and provides a model for children who need a little guidance or cheerleading. Use promo code BF20 at checkout for 75% off unlimited access. How are you feeling? Whether you’re an educator, child specialist, parent, or family member, your goal for your crew is to run like a well oiled machine: seamless transitions where everyone knows what to do, where to go, and how to act. When a teacher values and lives by the rules he or she sets for the class, the rules feel more authentic and can be discussed in a more legitimate way. What does your child or children in your classroom need in a space (or zen den, calm corner, the name possibilities are endless!)? Thanks Friend, Good News Coming Your Way! 3. Are you an ESL teacher with classroom management problems? P.S. There are lots of elements to remember for effective classroom management. Finally, the golden rule of all classrooms: be respectful to people and to property. I call my kids out on their rudeness frequently. This "respect" rule comes heavily into play when kids are in another classroom, using another student’s desk and materials, and interacting with a different teacher. Or has the whole class taken over and you find it hard to teach anything? When in doubt, always remind a child that you’re there to help and support them, but to try it on their own first. What rituals do you have in your classroom or home that are consistent and predictable? This can be especially important for diverse learners or for children who have experienced trauma. 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